I’m so excited you are here.

If you’re ready to be done with your own BS and radically create a life you love you’re in for a real treat.

My ShaktiBomb method is here to help you heal and grow at the same time.


Hey there, beautiful soul. What’s going on? And why are you so gosh darn emotional? 


I know, you keep trying to tone it down and convince yourself it’s all in your head, but you just can’t shake that nagging feeling that something deeper is going on. And you won’t rest until you FIND OUT WHAT IT IS.

You’d love a way out, but how can you figure out what’s next when there’s no place to go?? You definitely don’t need another dark night of the soul but you’re tired of treading water and you’re running out of steam... 

But you can RELAX, because my signature method Shaktibomb® and guidance can help you slow down, get to the roots of what's really going on and provide you your next steps so you can grow beyond this stuck place for good.


My method is based two core components:

Compassionate integration and radical creation.


In our compassionate integration work we will explore the roots of what's holding you back in a loving and nourishing way so you can fully understand what happened and how it's affecting you so you can heal it and move on.

In our radical creation work we will plant the seeds for what you truly desire and build that new vision and dream into your mind, your nervous system, your body and whole self.

Together we partner to create transformation beginning from your core where you’ll quickly rediscover yourself in a whole new way. And our goal is to help you integrate all the pieces of yourself into one beautiful human so you can create with all that magical power you have access to.

If you’re interested in a grounded way to move ahead and break the cycles you’ve been stuck in, I'd love to connect and explore if we’re a good fit.

Interested in working with me? Book a call today.





If you’re looking for help with a specific pattern, issue or area of your life and you want it fast my Radical Release Intensive is made just for you.

It’s designed to go deep (all the way to the roots) so you can get that clarity and relief you need along with specific action steps, guidance and support that can help you keep moving forward.

And it’s guaranteed to move you beyond that “stuck place” and back into the flow of creating what you want with ease.

This Intensive is perfect for when you’re moving through a big moment after a “shock” or “wake up call” and it can also help you get out of your cave and dark night of the soul.

You’ll leave knowing exactly what you need to do next. And you’ll also receive 3 custom built tools that can help you make those next steps happen easily.

The intensive is the quickest, most direct path to change I offer because it goes straight to the core of who you are and it helps you eliminate the old patterns that keep you stuck.

The Investment: $800

What’s included:

  • 90 Min initial session where we roll up our sleeves, dig in and get to the roots of the pattern, problem and question so we can create the transformation you seek
  • Transcript and audio recording of our call for your continued listening and integration
  • 3 custom creative tools and practices to support you in your practice that can be used repeatedly throughout your growth
  • Voxer support for 21 days following initial session
  • 45 min follow up call  to complete the intensive and solidify the shifts

What is it and what are we doing?

A down and dirty intensive that explores the deepest parts of you so you can figure out what’s hanging around that needs to go.

We’ll explore the various parts of you that are doing battle. And we’ll identify any outdated stories and patterns that no longer work.

Using the various tools in the ShaktiBomb method, we’ll move any stuck energy and residual trauma that’s hiding and we’ll create space for what it is you want to create next.

You’ll learn at least 3 ways to support you in updating your system. And once you have time to integrate on your own, we’ll solidify the shifts on our follow up call!

Past clients have used this for:

Finding a new job after being let go, Creating more visibility as a leader and coach, Clearing money blocks after feeling unable to scale, Launching a new business after a life changing experience, Calling in love after ending an abusive relationship...



"Wow Katie! Things are happening! After our first call I have gotten three huge opportunities for jobs that are exactly what I'd love to be doing. These are for major firms! And I just know they are going to treat me with respect! I had no idea I had so much old energy to let go of in order to move on and you really helped me release it." ~ Seth

"It's incredible but that "energetic soup can" I had rolling around in my backpack is gone! I had no clue what was really holding me back and once you helped  me connected the dots it was so much easier to see it and move on. The process of seeing my true self was so exciting that I finally remember it's not about numbers it's about being ME! DAMN It feel so good to be free!" ~Hillary

"It's taken me a few days to even process what happened during our call but I know I will never be the same. It's like that pattern I had has gone missing. And I have no clue how it happened. We spent time getting to the roots of the pattern which I had no clue was even there. And I'm just amazed." ~ Rachael

If you’re looking for more consistent support and you have more to work on than just one specific area and you’re looking for a deeper transformation, my 3 month 1:1 Program called The Total Eclipse is what you’re looking for.

This high touch, bespoke process is designed to take you from zero to fully aligned. And it has the power to support you in healing deep patterns and sticky emotional wounds to be fully integrated and alive so you can know what you want AND know how to create it.

We follow my signature 12 step process encompassing my 2 pillars called Compassionate Integration and Radical Creation.

And after the 12 weeks you walk away feeling aligned, connected, clear and fully committed to the path that is unique and perfectly designed just for you.

If you’re looking for more than just an intensive, this program is perfect for you because it touches multiple areas of your life.

This 3 month program is a more in depth experience and offers changes in multiple areas at once. It addresses root patterns at a core level, and also creates a solid foundation to begin living life according to their true dreams, beliefs and desires.

It offers a thorough experience that touches the deepest spaces and ensures that shifts are happening on multiple levels at once providing changes that last and continue to evolve beyond the program.

The Investment: $5000 Pay in full (Payment plans available)

What’s included:

  • Twelve (12) 60 minute sessions where we roll up our sleeves, dig in and get to the roots of the pattern, problem and question so we can create the transformation you seek
  • Transcript and audio recording of our calls for you to refer back to as needed for your continued learning
  • Weekly creative tools and practices to support you in your practice that continue to build on themselves
  • Voxer support for 120 days (extends 30 days past completion of calls)

What is it and what are we doing?

A twelve week journey that involves weekly meetings that follow a step by step process to support your growth.

We’ll begin at the foundation and look at the roots of your story as we solidify your strengths and values. And find new ways to unleash your magic as we clear blocks.

With a solid foundation established we can build upon it every single week.

You’ll be able to identify several areas of your life that need updating including subconscious and unconscious ones from an energetic perspective and incorporate the transformation into each aspect of yourself that you wish.

At the end of twelves weeks you will complete the journey with a new understanding of who you are, how you function and move through the world and a clearer understanding of what you want and how you are going to create it.

Areas that will experience a shift include but are not limited to healthier relationships, increased financial stability, career advancements, more travel and joyful experiences, and stronger boundaries, increased self esteem and self worth, and even improved physical health.

Past clients have used this for:

Creating a dream career after a lifetime of choosing what others want, Setting personal boundaries as a professional, Creating new opportunities to create, share and sell after feeling unable to scale, Stepping fully into your role as a leader, teacher or coach after not feeling good enough, Creating next level love after ending an abusive relationship...



"I chose to work with Katie because I was coming out of a chapter in my life that needed to be CLOSED and I needed a new perspective on how to essentially go about my life. I wanted so many things to change. I was mainly focused on building a new career but was able to build so much more than that!  The absolute most positive part of the process was learning to accept myself for exactly who I am. That seems like such a simple concept but it had been truly so hard for me my whole life.  I feel as though I am finally coming back to who I have always been and putting away the person I was trying to be — cuz she wasn't serving me in anyway." ~ Hannah

I chose to work with Katie because I was feeling stuck and I needed help and I knew she was exactly what I needed. During one of our sessions we worked on Re-imprinting an event from my childhood that I had been holding onto that was no longer serving me and I realized the event was blocking the creative, "Fire" in my life. Without that block, I was able to take the leap of faith and start my own business and I resigned from my six-figure corporate position so that I could focus on my purpose and work on my dream. Best decision I could have ever made!" ~ Marquetta

" When I said yes to working with KatieI was looking to work with someone who combined energy work with practical, grounded tools and skills and also acknowledges a spiritual foundation to the creative process and life itself. And during the months that we worked together I had the most loving support and guidance available. I got to create my own dream in a way that feels authentic to me. And I also learned how to get out of my own way! ~ Rebecca