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Hi! I'm Katie Kozlowski and I believe in the power of creativity and emotional expression.

It's what I do best.

I started my career as an actress and then after I was hit by a taxi {yes you read that right} I fell in love with life and was hungry to learn more. 

I have dedicated my life to cultivating safe spaces for creativity to shine and healing to happen while bringing all the pieces of who we are into one beautiful whole.

I'm here to raise you and your message up and deliver truth and love in everything I do.


"There's something about Katie that makes me happy as a clam. "


"Katie is like a joker card. You think you're getting 1 thing and then you flip her over and she's something else!"


"Katie is like a Doesteovsky novel. There's a whole universe happening inside her."


"Katie is where the Dalai Lama meets Ellen. Seriously, if the Dalai Lama and Ellen were one person... it would be her."


"If I had to describe Katie in one word it would be BAM!"


What's New? 

Check out Our Book Simply...Woman 

Stories from 30 Magnificent Women Who have Risen Against The Odds

On March 8, 2018 which happens to be International Woman's Day (woohoo!!) I'll be releasing a book alongside Crystal Andrus Morissette and 29 other fierce women as we collectively tell our stories! 

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