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Hey There! I’m Katie K and I’m here to make spirituality and healing easy, enlightenment accessible and to teach you how to BE yourself inside and out....

Not so long ago I was a lost soul; dating “bad” boyfriends, working in bars, drinking 6 scotches a night, wandering home in the dark and feeling like a broken woman… until one night a taxi ran into me and I was never the same.

After that, I realized it was time to live life as if I mattered and it all began to unravel from there…. 8 years later I’m here to bring you every bit of wisdom, truth, energy and love I can to help you take your power back, reconnect with your body and soul, and life you were born to live and enjoy the process too.

I believe in making this as easy and accessible as possible because we have everything we need within and I'm gonna show you how!
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Here's what people have to say about me and  my super easy ways to heal, reconnect and "lighten up"!

"It feels like Katie's a long time friend. She is so down to earth. Her way of expressing herself is so relatable you just get it. You can just feel her passion in what she does through her energy."

"Katie is like a joker card. You think you're getting 1 thing and then you flip her over and she's something else!"

"Katie has a way of explaining things that make you understand. She is caring and it comes across in the way she teaches and shares. She is fantastic!"

"Katie is where the Dalai Lama meets Ellen. Seriously, if the Dalai Lama and Ellen were one person... it would be her."

"If I had to describe Katie in one word it would be BAM! Being curious and exploring your inner self will more easily get you to places you may have previously been "fighting" to get to and it wasn't working. "

"All I can say is "WOW"! Katie is GENUINELY interested in each of us and is sooooo responsive. This self work has been so much more rewarding than other types due to the playful approach Katie helps you take. "

Are you struggling with feeling disconnected, not good enough or just plain OVER IT? 

Don't worry my love, I've got your back! Grab my free Soul Brightener and get yourself RECONNECTED and FEELING ALIVE  in 11 mins flat! It's my gift to you and I can't wait to show you show EASY IT CAN BE to do this!


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