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Hey There, my name is Katie and welcome to the next chapter of your life

Chances are if you're here, you've been searching for a long time and you've probably even been working REALLY HARD and yet you still have that nagging voice or feeling that's holding you back...


I’m Katie Kozlowski and I’m here to help you heal from trauma and become a fully embodied powerhouse so you can stop “putting up with pain” and start loving life instead!

Just ten years ago I was a mess...drinking heavily every night, dating abusive men and making excuses for their bad behavior, working a toxic job that put me in danger and struggling to make ends meet.

I was so numb, I didn’t even REALIZE I was doing things that were hurting me.

Inside I was dying, and outside I was smiling so no one ever knew I was in pain.

I had even convinced myself everything was OK.

Sure, I had dreams of things getting better, but I was so defeated that I had secretly given up.

Then one day, I got hit by a taxi and I woke up and realized things were VERY WRONG and I set out to find out why.

Once I learned how to tap into the depths of my subconsciousness and retrace my steps, I found everything I needed to heal the pain of my past and move on with great happiness and joy.

Since then I’ve helped thousands of women heal from trauma and have built my own method of transformational healing to help support the awakening of women and the return of the feminine.

I believe there is a fierce feminine heroine inside every one one of us and she is READY TO COME OUT.


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What would it feel like to finally be free from the emotions and old stories that are holding you back?


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