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Curious to know what becomes possible with the power of ShaktiBomb? Check these testimonials and incredible stories of transformation out!

"I just met Katie but it feels like she's a long time friend, she is so down to earth. Her way of expressing herself is so relatable you just get it. You can just feel her passion in what she does through her energy. "

Elizabeth Will
Former Student & EYTS Participant

"Katie is an amazing teacher! Passionate about her work and compassionate to all who know her. I highly recommend all that Katie has to share for it will bring true transformation to your life!!!"

Carol Wills
Energy Healer & ShaktiBomb Student

"After even a short session with Katie I’ve achieved a huge shift! Katie is so talented in her work, that if you only add your willingness, she can help you move a mountain. I highly recommend her and her beautiful soul for healing, guidance and important information."

Karlee Weisberger
Client and Participant of EYTS

"Katie has a presence that will calm, soothe, empower and ignite your passion! Her guided meditations are incredible and profound. I was able to easily drop into them and receive messages that have supported me in continuing to become the woman I'm meant to be. Thank you Katie for your heart-centered work!"

Naomi H
Fellow Author at Simply Woman

"Katie is such a beautiful spirit and gifted healer. Every time I work with her, I come away feeling heard, supported, uplifted and empowered."

Aharen R
ShaktiBOMB client & Teacher

"Katie Kozlowski is a magical, gentle, force of nature. She lives her truth and helps awaken the 'shaktibomb' within you."

Crystal Andrus Morisette
Founder of the SWAT Institute

Check out Thomas's amazing transformation from debilitating anxiety to total peace!

“ When I reached out to Katie to work with her 1 on 1 I was seeking to feel more at peace, joyful and living a life that feels like a flow. I had a lot of areas of my life where I was still experiencing anxiety, and feeling constricted in my body. I basically just wanted to feel good more of the time.

Over the course of 6 sessions, we identified the specific things within myself that were causing the physical constriction and mental anxiety I had known all my life.

She gave me customized tools and exercises that I practiced on a daily basis which were dissipating the anxiety and constriction, and strengthening my new ways of being, what she calls living in your “sweet spot”.

My sense of smell has been returning very strongly. (I bought my first scented candle!) My mind and body feel clear. Throughout my day I just feel amazing and at peace. Just to breathe and be alive feels incredible! I feel so good in my body, I can breathe 10000x more deeply and fully.

I feel open and comfortable. I can sink into peace deeply in my mind and body, no matter what I’m doing: running, walking, driving.

I learned it’s called “embodied meditation.” I experience moments where my body physically feels as if I’m pure air, or pure light. It’s surreal.

Riding a bike and feeling the wind, being outside in the sun and nature, exercising and eating nourishing food… they all feel so good. I’ve been doing new things, felt more creative, and just having fun being in the moment more often.

I look different in the mirror, I can see and feel more “light” within myself. It shows. I feel like myself, I feel real and alive like I did when I was a kid. I’ve actually also felt more like a kid too! I’m more light hearted and playful. I feel more connected to people. I feel down to earth and grounded in my thoughts.

Thomas Day

Coach and Tutor

Here's how ShaktiBomb helped Jacqueline free herself from old drama of the past! 

"I was feeling lost + stuck when I booked a free connection call with Katie.

After connecting with her loving, healing presence, I felt I was ready to invest + get ‘shakti-bombed’. We uncovered an old pattern of ‘terror’ from childhood. I was ready to release the PTSD and move on.

Once we started into the session, layers peeled away. We found a pattern beneath the pattern. Bam! Beneath the fear, delving deeper into the depths of my psyche we uncovered a ‘betrayal’ template. A buried wound that was resurfacing + holding me in vice grip.

And with that discovery, Katie helped me remove + release. Later came tears + forgiveness. But at the end of my Shakti-bomb session I knew deep in my bones that change had occurred.

No longer lost. No longer stuck. I’m excited to be free + moving forward in life again. My confidence in my own decision making is back. My relationships are warmer. And I’m loving life + my business.

 ~Jacqueline Fairbrass, Founder of Feeling Absolutely Fabulous

Rachael discovered her hidden blocks and then created a bold event called Queen Esther's Ball and broke through her frustration:
My recent session with Katie was unlike anything I've experienced before.  We discussed concepts that rang so true for me, that I revisited the notes and ideas for many days after.
The energy work itself was so subtle that I couldn't quite tell what in fact "happened"- but for weeks after I was simply amazed that many of my negative thought patterns simply were not there.  I felt lighter, and I knew without a doubt that something heavy had cleared out from my session with Katie.  

She is incredibly gifted, and I look forward to working with her again very soon." 

Rachael Meisels, Transformational Coach

Kendra discovered the true cause of her money blocks and went on to break free...

" First off, your energy is so freaking fabulous and I just LOVE how in tune to yourself and me during my session you were. I felt so comfortable talking with you about my past, my struggles in my thoughts and you helped me to almost instantly recognize what the deeper issues were and how to change just a couple things to make my thoughts shift. Before our work, i was struggling with making the damn MONEY!!

But in all seriousness, it was my thought process of WHAT WOULD HAPPEN to me again if I actually started making money for ME and my BUSINESS again because in my first marriage it was such a negative conversation when it came to me being successful with family and my ex husband and I’ve finally gotten to REALIZE what that negative was that was DEEPLY impacting my thoughts and being able to recognize it and move forward. Now, I don’t even think about betrayal as a source of making money.

It's not an option anymore and by just removing that ONE thought process it has opened so much many energy funnels into my life that I was so deeply missing.

When my thoughts shifted, my LIFE and everything around me shifted. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and at the perfect time and although I may not be flowing as fast as I want it to, the personal head shifts have gotten me so far ahead and I am just so excited and I feel SO GOOD!

It was so much fun and it was refreshing to say the least. When talking with you, when you sensed and felt the triggers that were happening with me is was like the light bulb went off and you instantly knew what was going on.

Thank you!!!

Kendra, founder of Oh Helen

Daniella came to me after a confusing time with plant medicine that left her feeling confused and disconnected.  And here's a glimpse at her journey back to herself:

“Before I started working with Katie, I felt spiritually and emotionally lost.
We met once every 2 weeks for three months. She gave me "homework" that was completely tailored to me, and I felt myself getting stronger and more confident everyday.
One "assignment" that we created together, I can see myself doing it for the rest of my life; it was that transformative and powerful!
I feel now that I have the tools to always moving forward in my life.  And I would absolutely recommend her to anyone that is open-minded and willing to do the work."  ~ Daniella

"It has been my honor and pleasure to work with Katie and the Rising Star. Katie is pure heart and her work is profound. She exudes love and is a beacon of light in this world. She is wise and insightful and my experience with Katie’s work has been deep and meaningful beyond words. Katie is a teacher and a leader among light workers and always steps up to the plate to provide clarity and encouragement. I feel so fortunate to know her and her powerful work."

Lynn Louise Wonders
Wellness Coach & Therapist at wonderswellness.com

"Katie is a gifted soul and working with her was truly a transformational experience. She helped me heal a very specific wound that has been plaguing me for a good portion of my life. I’m so happy to be free of it, and so grateful for Katie’s loving kindness and gentle healing energy. I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Katie, so much love to you."

DT Sheridan
Director, Actor, Coach

"I met Katie through a business group. I was struggling with an issue that was deeply troubling. Katie offered her help and it was like standing in a ray of sunshine. She helped me see the issue from a place of love and light and I was able to let go of the pain and suffering. Katie Kozlowski is the real thing. Authentic. Kind. Loving. Light. Always bringing light to the dark places we sometimes dwell in."

Taryn Pyle
Creator of WorthHerWeight.com

"Katie has the kind of raw, insightful honesty that gets to the heart of where you’re at in a way that’s real and inspiring. She shines love all over the place! Her care is genuine, and her open, vulnerable style gives you a safe space to explore your own vulnerabilities. She is knowledgable and extremely gifted as a teacher, encourager, and healer. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and beside her as we journey together."

Michelle Coe
Web Designer at Blueskyphoenix.com & Yoga Teacher

"The moment I met Katie at a sisterhood potluck, I knew I needed to work with her and each time has changed my life. This woman is a powerhouse of healing energy that will shake up your life! She helped me to create a clarity and level of creative motivation in my life that I had never reached before. I cannot speak highly enough of the love, joy and power of forgiveness I have found in my own life thanks to Miss Katie K."

Andreya Suseata
Food & Beverage Professional

"Thank you SO much for sending your meditation audio Katie. I wish you could understand French, as it would be easier for me to explain what I felt while listening to the audio. Something very powerful happened, man let me tell you ….. still have tears. Let’s say it was magnificent and magical! Thank you for awakening this deep light within me"

Nancy Lussier
Kundalini Yoga Teacher

"Katie is someone who instantly makes you feel warmth just by being in her presence. Katie makes things simple to understand because she exudes authenticity and coherence. You get the knowing that you are talking to someone with lifetimes of experience who has the forte of transmitting things in plain language, friendship and true love! The spiritual journey can be a lonely path sometimes and then the universe connects you with a diamond!"

Angela Maya Campbell
Reiki expert at Angiecampbell.com

Tara joined ShaktiBomb a time in her life when she was going through big changes and here's how SB helped:

 “I joined the ShaktiBOMB™ Immersion because my life was at the crux of change and empowerment and I knew I needed help. So when I spoke to Katie about where I was feeling stuck, the things she said made so much sense I decided to take her program.

And it was an AWAKENING! The program was inspiring, and my biggest realization was that you have to do the self work to really create the changes you want.

Luckily Katie provides information, worksheets and meditations to help the journey along. And her one on one sessions are very powerful and really helped me understand the root of why I had been struggling and what it was I was looking to accomplish.

Katie is a very honest, positive, open, down to earth woman who is motivating and gentle and kind! And I felt comfortable opening up to to get the support and guidance I needed.”

 ~Tara Rooney

Bridget went from recovering from divorce and losing her home in a fire to a new relationship with the man of her dreams and a new found love of healing with animals!

"Katie and ShaktiBOMB™ helped solidify what I always knew to be true, that I was not using my full potential! I am proud and honored to have worked with Katie. Her cutting edge program is life changing!!! 

I was first drawn by Katie's energy because she is light and playful and she carries this through in her teaching. 

And while this program pushes you to deal with all your inside struggles and bring them to the surface so that they can be cleared energetically and then replaced, it leaves you feeling excited and more free than you have ever been.

Upon completing ShakiBOMB™, I am now viewing the world through a new pair of eyes and hear my thoughts through a new way of thinking.  My world has become sacred to me! I have a loving, healthy, new relationship with an absolutely wonderful man  that I love dearly, and a new job for the US Postal Service that included a pay raise and benefits. 

 Katie has unlocked the healer in me, that has always been there, waiting to be reborn. My life has changed so much since ShaktiBOMB™ and I’m extremely grateful!" ~ Bridget Mertens 

Sylvia came in on pain meds and walking with a cane and left pain and meds free!

"I met Katie K just by accident…now I know the lesson would be "nothing is an accident" because after I met her my whole life changed.
When we met in June 2015, I was always in pain and walking with a cane. I felt older than my age and depressed that things would only get worse as time went on. For me, my future was bleak being on multiple pain medicines, getting injections in my joints or back when needed, and mostly being unable to do everyday errands.
But I decided to do a 20 min consultation with Katie just to see what she had to offer. And our conversation was so smooth, comfortable, and made so much sense to me I figured what do a have to lose? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I agreed that her energetic and transformational system was the way for me to go and I said YES!
My very first session was an awesome learning experience, and I felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was already walking straighter, feeling very little pain, and within two weeks I was walking without my cane –which I had been using daily for five years! And by the end of the program, I was even off my pain meds!
I am presently enjoying life again! I am able to go out with friends without any difficulty walking AND my pain has subsided 100%. ⠀⠀

I never thought I would be living my life again, pain-free and active. All I can say is Katie K. is a bright light of personality and I am so blessed to have her in my life" ~ Sylvia ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Check out how ShaktiBomb helped Cynthia go from "where am I going to get my rent?" to "I just booked a HUGE client!"

"My session with Katie K was exactly what I needed to move forward. 

Katie provided the missing piece that I couldn't see. Even though I'm adept at shifting my internal programs, I just couldn't get a handle on this particular situation. Her pin-pointed shaktiBomb energy lasered in on what was holding me back.

She showed me how to dissolve the resistance and create something new. Her insights gave me the key to make the necessary internal changes to shift my external reality. And after her session I booked the biggest client to date!

 I’m so thankful for Katie’s expertise and loving warm heart."

Dr. Cynthia Miller

Ph.D. Cellular Transformation, DrCynthiaMiller.com

ShaktiBomb helped Meredyth recover from burn out! 

 "When I started ShaktiBOMB™ I had pneumonia, mono and hypothyroidism and I was running on EMPTY which had happened before in my life.

I've been on a spiritual path. I see an empathic therapist. I read and study. But this ShaktiBOMB™ program has made concepts clear and immediately applicable in my life that have shifted everything much faster than expected. 

 The weekly call-ins kept me accountable and moving forward and the 1:1s are VERY powerful as you're working through the program learning tools in tandem. 

 Also, everything is practical and useable immediately. My favorite parts were the neuroplasticity tools which helped me rewire my brain and the concept of the IN & DOWN which I will NEVER FORGET!

 And as a result of all I learned, I’ve been able to create my own business I love, raise my rates, dive deeper into my creative work and hold my own in relationships!”

 ~Meredyth Yund

Actress and Bespoke PA

"Katie K is a bright light who adds so much sparkle to any experience. But, don’t let the shine fool you into thinking it’s all just fluff. Katie’s depth and wisdom is expansive. I’m so honored to collaborate and make deliciously powerful experiences together. Beyond creating for others, I simply love being with Katie. She’s like a joy bubble, floating, and spreading her magic dust wherever she goes!!! If you’re looking to brighten your experience of life, feeling lit up, Katie has both the energetic spirit and the practical tools to guide you in illuminating from within!"

Christina Salerno
Founder of Living Quirky

"You know that moment when you see someone in their element? Their passion ignites their whole body and they just radiate and it makes you feel warm and happy? When I work with Katie this is what I experience and witness. She loves what she is doing and it shows."

Roxy Arrojo
Actress & Teacher

"Katie is a rockstar who has proven that every woman can take the stage of their own lives! You’ll leave Katie with a smile so big, you’ll swear you just met the love of your life. And in a sense you did, because Katie’s platform for conscious creation allows you to see that YOU are the love of your life and YOU get to feel happiness now. Katie brings years of experience in both life, love and spiritual healing to a platform that empowers us all to leave the fear behind and start rocking the life we were born to live"

Sammy Davis
Founder of Sammy D TV

"Katie joined me as a featured guest in Episode 40 of my podcast and shared an incredible, powerful and authentic account of her journey, in an effort to inspire and empower others. I told Katie then, and still fully believe, that she has the cure for one of the great sicknesses of our time: teaching and encouraging self-love. We need people like Katie to continue to be the beacon of light and positive spirit that she is. "

Kevin Bulmer
Creator & Host of No Schedule Man

"Katie is the Bomb......ShakiBOMB that is!  She's an amazing healer with a zest for life like no other. Go see Katie and see transformation take place inside of you. I loved my session with her.  It gets to the root of the problem and heals."

Maria Davis

Here's how Katrina's life changed after doing the ShaktiBOMB Immersion Program!

"Katie’s training is phenomenal! From the very beginning I felt supported, seen and in the right place to begin reframing my thoughts and perspective.

 I am very career oriented and initially came with the goal of leveling up in this area. However I realized throughout my time in the program that what I am seeking is truly something deeper in my life than a material milestone.

 Katie walked me through powerful exercises that are made to access the unconscious mind and helped me have several major ‘Aha’ moments. 

 This program allowed me to meet myself all over again and I’m grateful for Katie and the work that she does. Thank you!”

 ~Katrina Katona

Entrepreneur and Stylist

Diana went from low self worth keeping her stuck in dead end relationships and jobs to more confidence and power! 

 “I joined ShaktiBOMB™ because I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship that was causing me pain, and also financially not going anywhere in my career. I felt used, but was not strong enough to put myself first. I was also feeling a lot of fear of losing my sister to cancer. 

 After a few weeks into the program, I was able to value myself enough and acquired the strength to break-up with my boyfriend. And although it was painful and not easy, I got the courage to love myself more and do what was best for me. I found my inner Goddess!

 I also discovered the root cause of my fear of losing things, including my sister, which also helped me solve my ongoing struggle with my weight. And this program brought two BIG - AHA moments to my life.

 As a result, my self-esteem has gone up and I value myself more. I finally understand where my fear comes from and how to handle it.

 During the program I felt like was being held in someone’s arms throughout the class and even though I was healing, there was an energy surrounding me that was letting me know everything would be ok. 

The energy that Katie puts/sends to you while you are in the program is priceless.

 If you can trust yourself and show up, Katie will work her magic with you and she will shift something inside of you just like she did for me. It is very hard to describe her technique because it is not only what you learn but how she is working energetically to move you out of where you are stuck. 

 It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, this program will shift and change you to be better in area you choose or even in areas you didn’t know.

 Since the program ended, I have incorporated into my life several techniques Katie taught me that are helping me to get where I want to go. And I still feel magic surrounding me and reminds me that I can accomplish anything I want.

 ~Diana Mejia

Healer, Jewelry Designer and Professional

And here's how Michael overcome a dark period of his life...

 "A friend had advised me to reach out to Katie during one of my darkest days.

Like anyone else that is new to this, I was a bit skeptical about it until we spoke on the phone. She is one of the warmest people you can talk and open up to. She would check-in and help me feel comfortable; which displayed her genuine character.

She actually cares about each person she works with.

After signing up and applying for the program, it has given me the mental map needed to help me find the answers I wasn't able to visualize before. I found it hard to get out of the rut until after the first week when mentally, it began to show. Her programs are the lanterns needed to get out of the dark tunnels we occasionally get stuck in.

Today, my darkest days has now become one of my most inspirational stories thanks to Katie. Never feel ashamed of who you are and always be the best for yourself, not for someone else!" ~ Michael ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Courtney was a participant in one of my free programs and this is what she had to say about it:
“Katie is a great guide for any journey you might find yourself needing to go on through this explorative process.
Katie is GENUINELY interested in each of us and is sooooo responsive. This self work has been so much more rewarding than other types due to the playful approach Katie helps you take. 
Being curious and exploring your inner self will more easily get you to places you may have previously been "fighting" to get to and it wasn't working. Katie and YOU are sooooo worth it!!.”
~Courtney Golueke

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