Hey there

I'm Katie Kozlowski.

(The creator of the ShaktiBomb® method and your Devi on demand)

Every day I help smart, spiritually driven and highly motivated people create big breakthroughs so they can create more of what by connecting to their core beliefs, needs and desires.

This is how they learn how to integrate their lessons from the past and release outdated programs that are keeping them stuck and go on to begin creating a life that is completely in alignment with their dreams.

It’s a beautiful partnership between magic, mystery and you. And I’m so delighted that you’re here.

I created the ShaktiBomb method because I see way too many beautiful people like you going in circles because they’ve forgotten how magical and powerful they are. 

And by bringing you back to the center of your being I promise you things CAN be different, and sooner than you think!

The “secret sauce” that’s missing is literally hiding INSIDE of you. And my job is to help rediscover it so you can begin creating the things you really want every single day.

And together using my 2 pillar process rooted in compassionate integration and radical creation we can get you through that funk and over that hump ASAP.

If you want to know where I learned all this, it started when I was a little girl growing up in a house with a lot of chaos.

I flip flopped between feeling like everything was great and feeling trapped alone with my GIGANTIC feelings. And it was really hard for me to make sense out of things. 

I wanted to believe in miracles but bad things kept happening and I ended up feeling pretty isolated and alone with no one to comfort me.

We can skip all the gory details but some of the highlights include the day I curiously pulled a TV down on my head and chopped my finger off at 2, a series of unfortunate events including suicides, alcoholism and my grandmother in a coma, a baby brother who arrived when I was 10 making me a MIDDLE child, and sharing the spotlight with my stunning sister while we both pursed performing careers.

I managed to pull off being happy most of the time, but when I was alone it was a whole other story and I pretty much lived my life feeling split in two until it all came to a screeching halt the night I was hit by a taxi at 29.

Needless to say it got my attention and while I wasn’t hurt, it shook me up big time causing me to see all the pieces that I was totally ignoring, and was the wake up call I needed so I could begin walking the path I am on today.

Once I realized what was happening I couldn’t ignore it any longer and I did everything I could to get myself in a healthy place where I could be my whole self and be happy.

For the last 13 years I’ve been studying healing, energetics and personal development. And as I slowly unraveled my own past, I created my process called the ShaktiBomb method® which offers the same magical tools that I used to transform my own life.

It wasn’t easy, but this deep and potent work is what allowed me to stop people pleasing, overgiving and ending up in painful circumstances repeatedly. And it’s exactly how I built the life I have today complete with a healthy relationship with myself, a loving partner and my family and a career that brings me joy every single day.

I must admit my life is far from perfect, but I have the tools, wisdom and knowledge to walk others through the very same awakening I experienced.  And it is my honor and joy to share this journey with you.

If you’re ready for your next big breakthrough and you’re ready to be done living life as a daily struggle I would love to be your personal guide and support you in creating the life of your dreams.


Fun Facts

  • I lovingly called myself "The Jennifer Coolidge of coaches" one day at a meet and greet because we share a passion for making funny jokes and being unabashedly ourselves. And apparently it stuck!
  • I’m a 6/2 generator with a single definition, a fully defined body system,  and an open mind, third eye and throat which basically means I talk a lot, I'm super connected to spirit and I'm independent as you know what.
  • I’m a Sag sun, Leo Rising ball of fire with a deep as hell Scorpio moon at the bottom of my chart which means I am all emotion so I'm very exuberant about all things including my emotions!
  • I trained as an actress before becoming a  soothsaying, prognosticating “witch” which helps me shape shift and co-create with you with ease.
  • I have a passion for creativity, play, color, cooking, water, sun and fun and you will likely find me on my paddle board, taking a walk, talking to strangers and wandering the woods whispering with trees.
  • If you take me to a farmers market I will always buy two things: Sparkly jewelry/crystals and things that smell good.
  • I acquire most of my unique clothing from TJ Maxx and Poshmark because I love a good hunt. And for me it’s fun to discover gems people don’t want anymore and  finding unique pieces no one else has.
  • I am not a rescuer. I am a revolutionist and if you hang out with me long enough I will inspire you to stop being so mean to yourself and to see the incredible potential you have hidden inside.

Wanna get to know me better and read all my fun, quirky and totally honest stories I share?

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