Overcome Your Blocks MASTERCLASS


With Master Energy & Embodiment coach Katie Kozlowski

Happening LIVE This Friday March 22nd and/or Sunday March 24th!


Hey there courageous seeker,


Are you taking big steps and pushing yourself but scared you’re going to mess it up?

Do you feel like even though you’re doing what you know is right you’re still afraid of the outcome?

Do you worry that regardless of how much training and wisdom you have you’re still not ready to show up and shine?


If you're nodding your head "yes" then you're in the right place! Because The Overcome Your Blocks Masterclass was created just for you!

And together we're gonna  solve this problem right now so you can keep showing up and moving forward towards what you want in big, bold juicy ways.

Because it’s you're time to shine and we need you out there leading the way.

Tell me MORE!

Hi! My name is Katie Kozlowski and for the last 15 years I’ve been working on a groundbreaking transformational system called Shatkibomb. And it’s been creating massive breakthroughs and healing trauma  for hundreds of women just like you.


But the hilarious thing is that even though I have over 25 years of experience, I’ve healed LOADS of my own personal trauma, I have hundreds positive results and a big dream to share myself with the world, I seriously struggled to feel safe enough to put myself out there and I kept getting stuck.


No matter how hard I I kept finding myself coming up with reasons why I wasn’t ready and I felt so ashamed that all I wanted to do was crawl back into my cave.


It was frustrating, exhausting and TIRING (as well as a huge drain of my self worth and my bank account) because I knew I was going in circles and sabotaging myself…and yet NO ONE, not even the highly successful coaches I’d hired could figure it out.


Let me tell you, I seriously got so tired I almost gave up…

But then during one of my deep periods of despair and introspection, I had an epiphany and I discovered this one missing link that put all the pieces together and it suddenly ALL made sense!


I knew exactly why I was still struggling, why it had been so hard to let go of the past and what I needed to do to move past it for good. And that’s how I was able to break free and take action in a fully inspired way.


It felt AMAZING to no longer have to waste time and energy worrying about the past. But  the best part is my confidence skyrocketed, my drive and my joy overflowed and for the first time in a long time I felt free to be me and to follow my dreams without fear!


I’m telling you this story because I know for a fact I am NOT the only one who has struggled like this. And if you’re resonating with this then you’re in luck! 


Because I created The Overcoming your Blocks Masterclass just for you.


And if you choose to join us, you’ll learn exactly how to overcome your blocks and get back into the flow of creation in no time.


Here's exactly what we're going to unpack & explore during this powerful masterclass:


  • Learn about Cognitive Dissonance and Trauma: Uncover the root causes of self-sabotage and learn how to identify the signs before they hold you back by listening to your yourself and your body
  • Discover a deeper way to shift old stories: Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and traumas that are keeping you stuck. With our powerful somatic release technique, you can rewrite your narrative in just 5 minutes flat!
  • Reconnect and anchor into your body: Stay grounded, focused, and aligned with practices designed to keep your energy flowing positively, so you can continue putting yourself out there fearlessly.
  • Boost Your Confidence and Self-Love: Uplevel your self-belief and self-love, empowering you to step into your authentic self and create the life you've always dreamed of!


And here's what's included:


  • Access to the Masterclass LIVE: Dive deep into this hands on immersive training designed to unlock your full potential with Master Energy & Embodiment coach Katie Kozlowski
  • Daily Action Grid: Get Katie's Signature tracking process & learn how to track your patterns and behaviors so you can be fully tuned in and aware on a daily basis
  • Daily Embodiment Practice: Learn Katie's Signature Five Min Fix and keep your energy aligned and focused with daily practices to support your journey of growth and transformation.
  • Plus a copy of the recording & transcript and direct access to Katie for Q&A


Your Investment: $75


You have two options to choose from and you can register to join us below:


Friday March 22nd

at  6 PM  GMT/ 2 PM EST/ 11 AM PST


Sunday March 24th

at 3 PM GMT/ 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST



Who's In charge here?!

Hello! I’m Katie and I am the mystical unicorn you’ve been waiting for.

My background is eclectic and diverse with training in emotional healing, NeuroLinguistic Programming, neuroplasticity, embodiment practices and professional acting. 

And I am a highly skilled energy master, embodiment coach and trauma informed healer with over 16 years of experience working with people who have struggled with complex PTSD, emotional disregulation, low self esteem and low self worth.

I have had the honor of supporting hundreds of people with stuck emotion and traumatic stories by teaching them how to break through the limitations of their past and empowering them to take big leaps, create incredible lives and fly higher than ever.

And now I’m excited to bring this incredible opportunity to break free to you! Because I know you're here to do incredible things and it's high time you felt ready to OWN it.

I created this masterclass because I've been where you are myself. And I know exactly what it takes you get you over the hump! And I can't wait to share this with you so you can take flight.

This work has already helped hundreds of women...

  • Leave toxic jobs and relationships that were holding them back and call in more money, respect and freedom
  • Heal from complex emotional wounds and low self esteem and self worth due to childhood trauma
  • Release physical pain in their body, drop excess weight and tap back into joy
  • Break stubborn patterns of self sabotage, self doubt, martyrdom and avoidance
  • Undo years of confusing programming and societal conditioning 
  • Stop the cycle of people pleasing, over giving and over doing
  • End Codependency, set fierce boundaries and embody self worth
And they've all gone on to create incredibly vibrant, healthy, happy lives! And you can create this transformation too. 

All you have to do is be willing to accept that things HAVE to change and decide to do something about it!

This masterclass will open to a new pathway to change that is already inside of you.

And I can't wait to meet you there.


Come OVERCOME YOUR BLOCKS HAVE FUN BREAKING PATTERNS with us. And grab your ticket while they're HOT!

Choose from FRIDAY MARCH 22nd & SUNDAY MARCH 24th!


Please note: This Masterclass is happening LIVE but it will be recorded and you will have access to a replay and transcript if you can't join us live and there are no refunds



Friday March 22nd at 6 PM GMT/ 2 PM EST/ 11 AM PST


  •  Access to the Masterclass LIVE
  • Daily Action Grid
  •  Daily Embodiment Practice
  • Plus a copy of the recording & transcript and direct access to Katie for Q&A



Sunday March 24th at 3 PM GMT/ 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST


  •  Access to the Masterclass LIVE
  • Daily Action Grid
  •  Daily Embodiment Practice
  • Plus a copy of the recording & transcript and direct access to Katie for Q&A