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If you're here, you're probably feeling tired, stuck and ready to give up.

You know you're full of life, but nothing helps and you're starting wonder what's the point?

Trust me, I know what it feels like to put in a lot of work, and still feel like there's something lurking inside you that won't allow you to succeed.

And it hurts like hell.

You gain some traction. Things are going well, you're finally getting somewhere and then screw it up AGAIN and you don't know why?

You know you're trying so what's the problem and why won't this damn block budge?

So you start questioning what's wrong with you. You start to even feel like like you're cursed or you'll never get it right and you might just give up.

But I want you know that you are not broken or doomed to never be happy. And there is a solution.

If you feel like you've been struggling to find answers for what's holding you back and talk therapy, mindset work, life coaching and books have just left you feeling more stuck than ever you're in the right place! My ShaktiBomb™ Method can help.

For the last 11 years I've been supporting women in healing deep trauma, emotional, physical and spiritual pain and providing them a new way out.

So they can finally create a life that is truly without limits and full of joy.

And I'd love to support you too.

When it comes to my work and the transformational experiences I help you create it is sacred.  For me, there is nothing more intimate than going on a deep journey inward and it is my honor to do this with you.

And the best way to get started is to set up a free connection call with me so we can find out which option is best for you.

Ready for answers? 

Schedule your free Connection Call Today!

"My session with Katie K was exactly what I needed to move forward. Katie provided the missing piece that I couldn't see. Even though I'm adept at shifting my internal programs, I just couldn't get a handle on this particular situation. Her pin-pointed shaktiBomb energy lasered in on what was holding me back. She showed me how to dissolve the resistance and create something new. Her insights gave me the key to make the necessary internal changes to shift my external reality. And after her session I booked the biggest client to date! I’m so thankful for Katie’s expertise and loving warm heart. "

Cynthia Miller
Cellular Transformation Expert

"Katie’s training is phenomenal! From the very beginning I felt supported, seen and in the right place to begin reframing my thoughts and perspective. I am very career oriented and initially came with the goal of leveling up in this area. However I realized throughout my time in the program that what I am seeking is truly something deeper in my life than a material milestone. Katie walked me through powerful exercises that are made to access the unconscious mind and helped me have several major ‘Aha’ moments. This program allowed me to meet myself all over again and I’m grateful for Katie and the work that she does. Thank you!"

Katrina Katona
Stylist and Entrepeneur

"My recent session with Katie was unlike anything I've experienced before. We discussed concepts that rang so true for me, that I revisited the notes and ideas for many days after. The energy work itself was so subtle that I couldn't quite tell what in fact "happened"- but for weeks after I was simply amazed that many of my negative thought patterns simply were not there. I felt lighter, and I knew without a doubt that something heavy had cleared out from my session with Katie. She is incredibly gifted, and I look forward to working with her again very soon."

Rachael Meisels
Transformation Coach

"Katie is a great guide for any journey you might find yourself needing to go on through this explorative process. Katie is GENUINELY interested in each of us and is sooooo responsive. This self work has been so much more rewarding than other types due to the playful approach Katie helps you take. Being curious and exploring your inner self will more easily get you to places you may have previously been "fighting" to get to and it wasn't working. Katie and YOU are sooooo worth it!!"

Courtney Gouleke

"Katie is the Bomb......ShakiBOMB that is! She's an amazing healer with a zest for life like no other. Go see Katie and see transformation take place inside of you. I loved my session with her. It gets to the root of the problem and heals."

Maria Davis

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