About Katie

Hi, I’m Katie! And I help you find freedom from your past and your pain by teaching you how to tap into your emotions and your body in new and empowering ways.


As I write this, I can confidently share that I’ve transformed my life from one that held so much pain, unhappiness, lack, scarcity, self-abuse, and low self-worth… 

… to my current life, filled with unbridled joy, abundance, opportunity, self-confidence, self-love, and more.

And yet, what I’ve discovered isn’t just for ME. And it's THE REASON I've dedicated my life to teaching others to the same...

I’ve already helped thousands of incredible souls step into their full, fierce potential and teaching and I can't wait to help you too.

But it wasn’t that long ago that I was a lost soul…

Struggling to make it as an actress, dating “bad” boyfriends, working in bars, drinking six scotches a night, and then wandering home in the dark feeling like a complete and total FAILURE.

Until one night a taxi ran into me, and I was never the same again.

Unbelievably, I walked away that night totally unharmed.

What changed me, though, was the realization that I had been abusing myself my whole life.

It literally took getting knocked down for me to learn how to lift myself up.

Up, out of my past and out of my patterns, and into the woman I had always known I was deep down inside.

 Over the past 8 years, I’ve trained with master teachers, studying Neuroplasticity, Neurolinguistic Programming, meditation, energy healing, and the highest spiritual teachings.

I’ve synthesized both ancient wisdom and cutting edge consciousness to not only heal myself…

 … but to bring YOU the wisdom, truth, energy and love that can help you take your power back, reconnect with your body and soul, and live the life you were born to live. 

 AND, to enjoy the process, too!

About The ShaktiBomb™ Method

A bit more about me and the ShaktiBomb method:


The ShaktiBOMB™method works with sacred feminine energy in simple and relatable ways and trains you to work with Shakti as a tool for healing and transformation to create powerful energetic, emotional and spiritual shifts. And it provides healing and transformation all the way down to the cellular level.

It has the power to help you identify hidden traumas, stuck energy, residual emotional blocks and deeply embedded patterns. 

And it is appropriate for everything from limiting beliefs, chronic anxiety, physical pain, inability to focus to creating healing in the body, manifesting dreams and beyond.


Where did I learn this?

My training comes from a lifetime of personal experience having overcome my own trauma and pain and self-destructive patterns, as well over 10 years of in depth study with many masters of our time.

 I received multiple initiations from master teacher Derek O’Neill and was a student of his for many years attending his workshops in Ireland and New York City. And I have certifications in Neuroplasticity Brain, Heart & Gut Soulutions, Rising Star, Mindfulness and Meditation, NLP, EFT, the Bhagavad Gita and the highest truths. I also worked in depth with master teacher Brook Still and several others along the way.  

 My greatest gift is in taking what I’m given and what we already know and innovating it to create new, positive outcomes.

 My signature ShaktiBOMB method  is a compilation of my spiritual and energetic studies, as well as my years training as a performer and learning about the body and communication.

What you get is a deeply knowledgeable, well rounded, highly adaptive, crystal clear woman who listens, feels and moves along WITH YOU to guide you to the place within you that are longing to be heard and helping you create peace within and without.


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