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Well of Love Meditation

$30.00 USD

Everything you're looking for is inside you. You just have to know where to look. If you're feeling lo...

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Conscious Creation Meditation

$30.00 USD

With this playful and powerful meditation- plant the seeds of what you want with your conscious mind, and then allow ...

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Inner Child Layer Meditation

$30.00 USD

With this powerful Inner Child Layer Meditation, go on an inner journey and discover the layers of youth that are hid...

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ShaktiBOMB Fiercely Feminine Anointing Oil

$32 includes shipping in the US

ShaktiBOMB fiercely feminine is charged with the most potent feminine energy and attuned to the vibrati...

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ShaktiBOMB Fiercely Feminine Flower Essence

$28 includes shipping in the US

This Fiercely Feminine Flower Essence is designed to support your system as you awaken the powerful feminine within! ...

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21 Days of In{her} Awakening!

21 days of gentle guidance and exploration for self study that allows you to develop a new relationship with yourself and your inner power.  Complete with daily emails, videos and worksheets this is as fun as it is healing. 

A deep inner journey that delivers you 21 days of awakening and love

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Simply Woman Book!

"Simply…Woman!: Stories from 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds" is a compilation of different women’s experiences; all living in different parts of the world. No chapter is the same. No story is the same. They are one woman’s journey from pain and suffering into wisdom and truth.

$25 including Shipping & Handling


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