Are you ready to fully release all that heavy energy you've been holding onto so you can finally create from a place of joy and receive more love, abundance and wealth?

You're invited  to join me for a Free 3 day activation series that can help you achieve this.

And it's going to be the greatest adventure of your life!

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Let me guess, you've got big dreams and a whole of lot resistance...

And you're getting tired of going in circles with no relief in sight.

You've tried coaching programs that left you feeling more confused, you've read books by Abraham Hick's but it's just not your vibe, you do your affirmations, your mindset work, your therapy...and yet no matter what you try those things you want to go away KEEP COMING BACK.

It's enough to drive you batty. But you can relax. 

Because I've got a something for you that can change your life.

The good news is there IS a solution that can leave you feeling more connected with what you truly want.


But it's not a mindset hack,  another 3 steps to more money formula, or something you can learn from reading a book.

Because it's requires a full body ACTIVATION so you can finally realize that you can create the magic you're seeking all by yourself!

The secret lies in learning how to connect IN with your power so you can use it in a way that brings results quickly.

And this is exactly what you'll be learning during this free 5 day activation.

If you commit to learning and do the 3 activations you will be guaranteed to begin shifting your reality in a fully embodied way.
And you'll love how playful, joyous and fun the process can be!

Imagine how much easier life could be if you knew how to:

Reconnect with your soul and your purpose

so you can stop doubting yourself and begin taking action to make your dreams a reality today

Experience what freedom feels like in your body

So you know how to create it for yourself even when things feel overwhelming, constricted & tight

Enjoy letting go of what no longer serves you

So you can celebrate your transformation every step of the way instead of feeling fear or self doubt

Make friends with your emotions 

so you can fully release your trauma and pain  and trust 100% in your ability to create a new story moving ahead

Because you deserve to finally go ALL IN on your dream and feel 100% confident in everything you’re creating knowing that the power is in your hands and you get to choose what happens next. 


Introducing Embodiment Camp

A 3 day intensive you can play with on your own that delivers a full system makeover that will transform you inside & out!


Embodiment Camp is a free 3 day immersion and transformational experience that teaches you how to make contact with your hidden, deeper pain so you can fully release it and open up to more love, abundance and joy right now.

And it's designed to help you create the life of your dreams by teaching you how to integrate your desires into your body so you can begin manifesting, magnetizing and vibrating in a totally powerful way!

Here's how it works:

  1. 1. You sign up to join us via this handy dandy page.
  2. 2. You get a welcome email with all the information (links, fb group)
  3. 3. You set aside time to watch the videos (you need 30-45 mins a day)
  4. 4. You receive new tools, activations and wisdom you can integrate into your life


And here's what you get:

  1. 1. Access to three activations that are 30 mins long 
  2. 2. Access to a facebook community to watch replays, share wins, ask questions, receive support & meet fellow seekers
  3. 3. Invitation to join The Creatrix Coven launching April 2023!
  4. 4. Bonus embodiment workout coming soon
I'm all about this. Sign me up!

During the experience you'll discover & learn

The hidden ways you limit yourself and your capacity to receive by disconnecting from your body and how to fix it
How to locate stuck emotion hiding in your body and release it so you can create more space to receive 
Where blocks come from and how they become stuck energy so you can move beyond them and be free
And you'll learn the art of embodied manifestation, compassionate integration & radical creation so you can finally connect and create with your WHOLE SELF

Over the span of 3 days we'll play in the realms of quantum creation & embodied manifestation.

And here's what we'll be covering:


Day 1: The Crown 

We'll work with the Crown of Power activation process. And you'll learn how to tap into your royal highness and respect in a fully embodied way so you can begin to call in higher quality experiences in an authentic and aligned way.


Day 2 : The Heart

We'll discover the spiral like nature of the heart and you'll learn the art of sacred expansion as you remember the power and value of an open heart so you can continually expand your reach and keep moving forward regardless of what's going on in your life.


Day 3: The Root

We'll deepen your emotional roots and strengths as you learn how to dig deeper down like the roots of a tree so you can grow taller than ever and expand your reach allowing you to take a stand, create a bigger impact and feel unshakeable in your beliefs.


You will learn the basics of my transformational method ShaktiBomb including the two pillars compassionate integration and radical creation.
And you'll leave feeling more committed to yourself, connected to your truth and clear on your next steps that helps you create exactly what you want.

Who am I?

Hi I’m Katie, and I help smart, spiritually driven and highly motivated people create big breakthroughs so they can create more of what by connecting to their core beliefs, needs and desires.

This is how they learn how to integrate their lessons from the past and release outdated programs that are keeping them stuck and go on to begin creating a life that is completely in alignment with their dreams.

It’s a beautiful partnership between magic, mystery and you. And I’m so delighted that you’re here.

 For the past 13 years I've been supporting brilliant, powerful souls just like you to create their next big breakthrough so they can keep moving forward with ease.

I created Embodiment Camp to help you remember how powerful you can be. And I know you'll love what you uncover!

How do you know if Embodiment Camp is for you?

  • This Is experience is perfect wild souls with a hunger for success who are tired of fitting in and love standing out. 
  • Empathic, creative geniuses who want to bring more of their incredible gifts to the world.
  • Strong and independent women who are determined to figure things out for themselves.
  • Emotional bad asses who want to bring ALL of themselves to the table.
  • And it is designed to give you the missing pieces you need to create big breakthroughs in a clear, direct, powerful way.
  • If you are ready for change and you're excited about your future you belong with us!

You're gonna love Embodiment Camp if:

  • You are a bit of a rebel with a desire to create your own rules
  • You are an entrepreneur, artist, healer, coach who doesn’t love traditional marketing methods
  • You have been shamed in the past for being too big, too bold, too loud, too spicy, too full of yourself
  • You are over studied, highly educated, super trained and intelligent but too scared to own it
  • You want to make more money, earn more credits, be more visible
  • You are over being a doormat or letting people do what they want without asking you what you think

You're not gonna enjoy Embodiment Camp if:

  • You're not really interested in learning new ways to grow, expand, create and integrate your healing
  • You don't believe things can change or be different 
  • You not willing to open up to what could be causing you pain so you can heal it
  • You feel like you can't trust anyone not even yourself
  • You're turned off by words like energy, feminine, power, creation, universe
  • You want a quick fix or a one and done solution

Here's what people have to say about working with me:

Katie is a magic-maker! 

She allows you to explore and feel every inch of your trauma and pain from the past, so that you may embrace the experience, feel it, and successfully forgive yourself and others to let go and be free. Once this process is complete, you are clearly able to see, feel, and fall in love with your inner child and who you've always been designed to be and do on Earth.

Gina A

Katie is like my trusted advisor!

Katie gave me permission to make my dreams, fears and true motivations be seen without judgement. And that is so rare and valuable! I learned how to make space for myself, my thoughts and my dreams! 


Katrina K

I feel really good about myself and my future!

I feel for the first time since probably 5, that I am worthy and loved. I feel like I have something to say. I am no longer dependent on external validation. I feel really good about myself and my future. I'm finally taking bolder steps towards what I want and speaking up for myself!

Shauneen Santos


Questions & Answers:

Your dreams and desires are waiting for you to reclaim them!


Join me for Embodiment Camp and let's help make your dreams come true!

I'm ready! Sign me up!