WATCH & PLAY: What if you forgot what happened to you? How would you act?


Things are shifting on a cellular level now...

I don't know if you feel it but I do.

The other day my body actually forgot what it feels like to be rejected.

And then my mind did too...

I heard a voice whisper... what would it be like and how would you live your life if you didn't know any of that happened......

And what it meant was:

what if you forgot about that man who hurt you?

what if you forgot that you spent years trying to make it in New York?

what if you didn't know what you used to know...

what if it really is as new and as clean as you feel--- and would you be/feel/act differently?

And I said:  "I'd live life without knowing hurt exists.  I'd open my heart and share my self as the embodiment of love that I am and I'd no longer expect to be rejected. I'd stop lacking trust and relax into life in a way that is more juicy and enjoyable...."

And so I chose in that moment to believe the feeling in my soul and to trust that that feeling inside that can't remember what once was... Is 100% true and real.

Yes, it is ok to now imagine life in a whole new way.... and to live life that way too...

So what if you forgot it happened to you too? How might your life be different?  leave a comment on the blog below and let's set this shift into motion! 

Ps: Curious  how you can work with me?

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