Monday Motivation + New Moon News

Uncategorized May 06, 2024
Katie Kozlowski
Monday Motivation + New Moon News

Hello beautiful friends. Welcome to another Monday motivation with me your courageous host and guide Katie Kozlowski. And I am delighted and excited to be back for a another installment on this crazy journey we call life here today to talk a little bit about the energies and the unlimited possibilities, and potential that are becoming available to every single one of us.

Over the last few weeks or so we've covered a lot of ground, we've talked about the Eclipse energy, which opened this portal for stepping into a new way of being doing feeling creating, existing sharing, connecting, embodying, expressing whatever it is that you've been wanting to do more of in your life, this portal of possibility opened during the eclipse. And over the last few weeks or so, we've had an opportunity to really begin to see it in action.

I would love to hear from any of you or as many of you as you would like to reach out and share some of the amazing things that have been happening for you because I've been having conversations between myself, some of my dearest friends who may listen to this Monday motivation, and clients and people in mastermind groups in different spaces.

And there's a theme trending right now that I really want to call to your attention. And that is this energetic shift that we are all feeling on a deeper level.

So what does that mean? Well, for every single one of us, it looks different. But in a nutshell, you can be watching for things like the completion of cycles, new possibilities, dreams coming true. Feeling like for the first time in your life, you have the vision, the guidance, the frameworks to start taking action, and pursuing your dreams. There's a lot of tying up loose ends, healing the past, creating that reconciliation within ourselves and relationships and career moves and financially right now.

And the name of the game is rooting deeper into who you are. And what you know is true for you. So what does that mean? Well, what it means is that every single one of us, the more we are connected to our truth, the more we stand in our power, the more we embody this radical self belief, authenticity, honesty, love connection, the more we honor that within ourselves, the more powerful we become.

And it's a different sort of conversation than the idea of not being in your ego or, you know, not having a big head or not being full of yourself. Because when you are authentically rooted in who you are and embodying your truth and connected on a solid, core foundational level, you are not coming from your head, you are coming from your heart, you are coming from your core, your whole self, which means it's true, it's real, it's authentic.

And that's the difference between, like faking it till you make it and honestly and authentically expressing yourself for who you are taking action because you believe in it. Believing in yourself having courage to show up for yourself all the things that we need now to make a difference in this world.

So if you've been feeling like up until now you haven't been able to, you know, put yourself out there or call in the opportunities you're seeking. If you spent a lot of time in your head, doubting yourself or questioning yourself or experiencing rejection or pain on some level, now's a great opportunity to look at the bigger picture and start to really ask yourself if that's true. It might have been true in the past. But when you step into this new portal of possibility, this is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

Because if you really understand that we are stepping into a whole new way of doing being existing connecting, that means that the stuff that used to hold you back doesn't have to come with you. So when you decide to step into your future into your future self to embody your future self, your Higher Self, your new identity, whatever you like to call it. That means that the stuff from your past doesn't have to come with you. Now you can choose to bring it with you if you like, but why would you want to do that if you know that it's been holding you back?

So this is a question. I want everybody to think about this very legitimately and honestly and authentically for yourself. Am I accidentally bringing things with me that I want to leave behind, and what does that look like? Well, are you still holding on to old relationships? Are you still harboring anger, resentment upset because of something somebody did something that happened? Right? Are you holding it in your body somewhere? Are you carrying that with you, because you can't take it with you where you're going, right?

We can't bring it with us into the future. Because if we do, we're just going to bring the past along for the ride, and then nothing changes. So you really want to be mindful now of what you're thinking, what you're feeling, what you're choosing to create, how you're choosing to create it.

These are very important questions. I ask people all the time, what's your motivation? So what's your Why? Why are you doing this? If you're doing it, because you're trying to prove your worth, right? Not gonna work. If you're doing it, because you're trying to reach a level that's going to please your parents, right? It's not going to work anymore.

Because we need to be authentically fueling ourselves from the inside out. So if your battery's running low, if you're feeling like you're tired of being defeated, if you're feeling like you're stuck in a cycle, and you can't break through this new moon that we're stepping into tomorrow, we are in perfect alignment for creating this change.

We are in a perfect space, we are poised for opportunity. You do not have to take anything with you that you don't want to bring with you. So if you want to Fung Shui your life if you want to. What is it Marie Kondo right, if you're going to like do get after your closets? Why don't you get after your emotional self, your mental self, your spiritual self, your physical self, it's a perfect time to start thinking about changing your diet, changing your life, because how you do one thing is how you do everything, which means if you're not doing everything with the utmost respect for yourself, it's going to show up in your life in different ways.

If you're not really valuing who you are, and what you're doing in this world, it's going to show up in different ways. If you're not really loving yourself on a consistent basis, on a really deep level, it's going to show up, is that a bad thing? Well, it's only a bad thing, if it's holding you back, if it's causing you pain. If you're seeing symptoms of lack of alignment in your life, this is what you want to look at.

Which brings me to the challenge or the call to action for this week. Because I really want you to start to think about this take inventory for yourself. Think about the things in your life that you love and the things that you don't love. I've given you this exercise before the I'm so done with the shit list and the things I I love more than anything in this world list, right the things I would love to have and the things I want to let go of make a list for yourself, make a list for yourself today or tomorrow, because you've got the new moon, this powerful energy is going to really help you get clear on what it is that needs to happen next, clarity is going to allow you to start taking the shifts is going to help you know what it is that you need to do next.

And if you find that it means getting some support from somebody having a radical release intensive with me, or joining the 21 day energetic and emotional detox journey, now's the time to do it. We are in a time when this is crucial in terms of what we choose because we're so hyper attuned now to energy.

We're manifesting things faster than ever, I have witnessed this myself over the last few weeks, I have thought something and then the phone rings and that person is calling me. I have literally thought about people and then they've shown up in my inbox. I've manifested people on the street, various dream opportunities dropping in my lap. And it's amazing because it's happening really fast. That's such a good thing. It also means that we want to be super vigilant of what we're thinking and feeling now because if we're manifesting positive things that quickly that also means that the potential to you know bring some of that icky stuff along for the ride is also available.

So we want to wipe the slate clean, we want to prepare for transformation. We want to dig deeper into who we are and what it is that we want in life now because that's where we're going to be able to start to manifest the changes on a core level so the 21 day energetic and emotional detox, officially launching this week the car opens tomorrow, we are putting the finishing touches on the sales page and everything and so if you're interested hop on the waitlist you got one more day to get on the waitlist if you hop on the waitlist now I have a special thank you gift for you that you're gonna get when you sign up if you choose to sign up because you're on this waitlist. So first come first serve when it comes to that these opportunities are going to be great. And then beyond that, when we open the cart, you're going to have the opportunity to do it two different do two different ways just to give you a sense of what it is because

I'm getting some questions about it which I love. There is a flying solo option which means you go through the 21 days with us as a group. So you're you're there for the group, there's there's group calls, there's daily exercises that are very simple that you can listen to just like this Monday motivate If you like this format, you'll love it exercises you can begin to implement into your life. So we can build this one piece at a time. And then if you want to go VIP, you want me flying with you, you want my help, then you can upgrade to the VIP. And that includes a private session with me and access to me for the journey of the program. So if you're looking to get some deeper support, if you have some stuff you really want to get after, then the 21 day with the VIP is going to be the way you want to go. However, if you wanted to do it, DIY it, but also have some support from the group, that's also going to be available for you.

And either way, I have taken so much time to build this, to put this together in a way that's going to make it easy for you to implement. And it's going to give you these pieces one step at a time. So it's not overwhelming, it's not going to become so challenging that you can't handle it, I really want to show you how we're going to do this in a way that builds you from the ground up.

So helping you really get to the root of what's going on, showing you exactly what you need to do to change it at a root level and then teaching you how to really connect with your power. So that you can begin taking action towards the things you want so that you're not being held back anymore by fear or worry or doubt.

Whatever it is all those pesky things that we have in life that sort of stop us the head trash, you know, all the the the outdated stories, the memories, we want to eliminate all of that. And when you go through this 21 Day energetic and emotional detox journey, that's exactly what we're doing. We're clearing out your energetic your energy body, and also your emotional self, because your emotions are really powerful.

And there are a lot of programs out there that talk about you know, your mental health, a lot of stuff or the physical self, but there's not a lot that really addresses the more subtle aspects of you. So your feelings, your energy, your emotion, your emotions, the things that you've been holding on to as a result of the experiences that have happened to you. So a lot of trauma, healing, talking a lot about how your body has been storing this information, and teaching you how to release it on a really deep level, giving you permission to heal, to expand, and most importantly, to move on and fly.

So if you've been feeling like I need something deeper, like I need something more, I'm not satisfied with just doing therapy or my coaching program, or whatever it is right? I still haven't found the answer. This is going to be great for you because I've been there too. And I know what it feels like to be stuck and to be like spinning your wheels and pouring money into something and it just creates more self doubt, right? More fear more worry, we want to put an end to that. And I want to help you get to the absolute root of what it is that's going on, so that you can figure it out. You know what you need to change on a core level and then I can teach you exactly how to do that step by step. So you can move past it for good. It's going to be really fun. It's right on schedule with the energies we have.

And I would love to have you but regardless of whether you're interested or not, I am always delighted and excited and honored that you've chosen to listen to this to have me as part of your week. I love hearing from you. So shoot me messages if you use the 50 reasons I'm awesome worksheet. And if you're a previous client listening and you want to just say hello whatever it is, please respond to the email, leave a comment over on the blog. Let me know what you're up to let me know what you're doing and I will see you soon!



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