Monday Motivation Message 3/25/24

monday motivation Mar 25, 2024
Katie Kozlowski
Monday Motivation Message 3/25/24

Hello beautiful friends, it's Katie and I am sending you today, an audio, Monday motivation, because I thought it would be a fun way to connect with you all, to allow you to hear my voice and to hear the energy coming through.


And also, one of the things that I love so much about speaking is it allows us to really create our reality by speaking it into existence. And so I thought for this week, I would try something new, and offer this auditory message that you can listen to, you can listen to it while you're cooking, driving your car, taking a walk, laying in bed, but it's a chance for you to consume information in a different way.


I know that for so many of us at this point, our inboxes are overflowing, there's so much information out there to consume, there's so much out there that we are sort of weeding through that sometimes it can be overwhelming. And I don't want to overwhelm you with more things that you have to scroll through and, you know, click around and all this stuff. And I thought if you have a chance to listen to this, maybe it will open up something new within you the way I find I'm inspired when I hear something or I'm able to listen to a piece of information that comes through in a different way. And it's an opportunity for you to you know, open up your perspective and see what see what happens.


So, this week, we are in the middle of a very powerful energetic portal. If you don't know this already, we have a full moon today or last night into tonight. So we're in this incredible Full Moon opportunity. And if you have ever heard me talk about the full moon before my philosophy on the full moon is that it acts like a big giant projector allowing us to see the things that we haven't been able to see within ourselves. So the moon shines brighter in order to allow us to go deeper into who we are. And if you imagine the moon shining on the water, right, the moon illuminates the water. And it allows you to see maybe deeper into the depths of your soul.


So we have this powerful full moon, we also had a Eclipse last night, a lunar eclipse, we're moving into a solar eclipse in the next few weeks. And the thing I want you to sort of tap into or really lean into with this is understanding that right now, because of these energetic frequencies, it might be stirring up some stuff. So you might be feeling activated, triggered in some way emotional processing things you might be more aware of things that are bothering you.


That's a good thing, because you have this moon sort of activating and illuminating your truth, which means now's a great time to really take a good look at where you are, where you want to be.

Do you feel good about what's happening? What would you like to change, and also in doing that, get a sense of what you need to release.


So if you know anything about me, and some of you are newer, some of you have have been with me for quite some time. I am very very much about your embodiment meaning what do you feel in your body what's going on in your body. Now your body is your subconscious which means that your body is going to help you understand what's what you've been holding on to in your subconscious that you would like to let go of. So you can take time to connect with yourself.


Feel what you're feeling in your body, allow those emotions to be activated and guide you so if you follow the the waves of activation, right the things that you start to feel it will allow you to understand on a deeper level.


You know what you're frustrated about why you're feeling stuck, what you want to release what you want to do to move forward and it'll open up some new spaces for you. So that's what is available.


That's what this moon this portal this eclipse season is all about. If you imagine it like a portal, like a doorway you could walk through into a new reality. A lot of it is like that. It's a lot of like there's this doorway that's opening. And if you have the courage to walk through it you really can get to a new place in your life you can allow yourself to overcome a block transcend trauma, really take the steps you need to boldly walk in the direction of your dreams.

And I am here to support you with that. That is the thing I wanted to share with you for now is this invitation to begin to do that for yourself. And how do you do that?


Well, you do exactly what I said you spend some time with yourself, you know, I'm very big on connecting with yourself and your body. Five minutes a day you sit, you put your hands on your heart, you connect with yourself.

And then you start asking yourself some tough questions like, you know, what, what am I really frustrated by? Right? What are the types of things that I don't want to keep doing anymore? What are the reasons why I think I should be doing this? Or what is the benefit of doing it? Like what what is it getting me?


And what would I like to do differently, because the more you do that, the more you're going to allow yourself to come into a state of readiness come into a place of peace and desire and actually be in a position to open up to everything that this eclipse is offering us. It's a beautiful time to meditate.


If you have the embodied meditation, you can use that to support you, a lot of you have that meditation, if you don't have it, you can grab it and start using it. It's a powerful practice that really allows you to start to connect with your energy and work with your energy in a deeper way. It's beautiful way to begin doing this for yourself. Also, I am here to help you.


So if you have questions, if you are interested in having me support to in going deeper, breaking these patterns, figuring out what's holding you back, please let me know I am available for one on one sessions. And that's where we really roll up our sleeves and create the transformation.


On an individual level. I do also have a new 21 Day energetic and emotional reset that is being put together almost ready to open the doors. So if that's something you're interested in, as well, think about that more like instead of the one on one being about really rolling up your sleeves and digging in individually and creating transformation on an individual level, at a very deep level.


The 21 day is an opportunity for you to begin to do this piece by piece step by step, not overwhelming your nervous system, not sending you into a healing crisis. But really giving you a chance to systematically release and update your nervous system, your mindset, your energy, your beliefs, the direction you're heading in life. So it's a chance to really clear out all of the shit that's been holding you back and give you the framework to begin creating that new life, piece by piece step by step. I am a very, very big fan of doing it in a process because we can't necessarily create everything we want in one moment.

We can set the intention, we can open the doorways to it but the way you really create transformation in a physical way is by taking consistent action every single day towards what you want. So if you're in a position now where you're really ready to start building the life of your dreams, going after what you want, making those changes, learning how to stand up for yourself learning how to do the work to heal, release transform, either that of those opportunities are wonderful for you. I am here to support you.


I am so grateful that you're here. I'm wishing you a wonderful, wonderful week and I look forward to hearing from you.


XO, Katie


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