Monday Motivation + Earth Day + Scorpio Moon Vibes: Connecting with the Earth to Create a Whole New Groove

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Katie Kozlowski
Monday Motivation + Earth Day + Scorpio Moon Vibes: Connecting with the Earth to Create a Whole New Groove

Hello beautiful friends. Welcome to another Monday motivation with me your host and courageous leader Katie Kozlowski!


I am so delighted to be with you today on this magical Monday, not manic Monday, because it is Earth Day. And it's also Palindrome day 4-22-24, which means you want to go outside and spend some time connecting with the earth and giving thanks to mama Earth herself for being here to support you and nourish you and guide you along your way.


I don't always share some of the private aspects of my life, although I often do and I feel inspired today to share with you an experience I had when I had just left New York City.

I had been living in New York for about 15 years as an actress and I had some really great times when I was there, but also some  really challenging times. And I ended up moving back home to my childhood hometown.

I was living with my parents, which for a 36 year old woman that was a hard pill to swallow. And it was a wild ride for me to be back in my house, living with my mother and father, sort of reliving my childhood, walking the town roads where so much of the things that shaped me and made me...


It was a wonderful time, but it was also a challenging time, and I recall having a conversation with a woman who was my mentor at the time and she gave me, I want to say like a little mini lecture on Gaia.

And she said,  Listen, you need to spend more time connecting with the Earth, because the Earth is here to support you. And when we don't allow ourselves to be supported, we feel like we are lost, we feel like we are abandoned, we're alone, you know, we're not going to get what we want. And we really struggle in life. So if you want to start manifesting more of what you want, you're going to want to start spending more time connecting with Mother Earth."


And what did that mean? Well, that meant taking time to be in nature, taking walks, grounding yourself in your body, enjoying your surroundings.

And I don't know if you remember, but last week, I encouraged you to take a walk, maybe even leave your phone at home. And that is something that I've been practicing over the last few weeks, because I haven't been doing it enough.

And I noticed the last few weeks as I've been doing this, all of a sudden, I'm  seeing the beauty around me again...I'm noticing the Osprey in their nests with their babies, I'm talking to the deer, I'm smelling the salt air, I'm looking at the trees, I'm talking to the flowers...


And I'm sharing that with you, because that's some of the stuff that I loved doing the most, especially when I was living at my parents house, I had all this time to connect with myself and be with myself.

And sometimes we forget the value of that. And when you do that, you do tend to feel more stressed out and tension in your body. And if you're tense and you're stressed out, it's actually be a lot harder for you to manifest what you want.

Because we need to be open and relaxed in order for the frequencies to really connect. So if you've been struggling, or if you've been feeling a little bit dead inside, so to speak, yes, we just came out of winter, spring is returning the sun is back. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, there's so much life around us right now. And I really want to encourage you to take advantage of that and bring yourself back to life.


Why is this important? Well, because being present with yourself and being in your body, and being grounded is the difference between struggling through life and being connected to your creative power, feeling gratitude and feeling excited and being lit up and filled with joy.

And it's really important because if you're not in a state of receptivity, it's going to be a lot harder for you to manifest what you want. Now we're talking about manifestation a little bit today because obviously, that's one of my favorite things to talk about in Teach.


Also, we did just move through this incredible portal of possibility. I don't know if you felt it but the day of the eclipse. It was interesting. There's something that I had been wanting to manifest and I hadn't been successful at calling it in for quite some time and I was starting to almost give up and don't even know the phone rang right on that day. And that answer that yes came in that Congratulations, you did it, the job is yours.

And I was so excited because I really felt like the possibilities were back, my joy was back. And something about the Eclipse really bought brought that into focus for, for me, and I know what's happening for every single one of us.


So what does that mean for you? Well, it means that it's time for you to really start to get more focused on what it is that you want, and begin taking action towards manifesting what it is that you desire and the life of your dreams.


We spend way too much time and energy focusing on the past, worrying about the future, you know, trying to understand why somebody doesn't like us, or why this happened or why that happened. We are problem solving creatures, we love to solve problems, because it helps us feel, you know, like we're safe in some way, shape, or form, we'd like to try and control things. And I promise you that if you're trying to control the outcome in your life, it's going to be a lot harder for you to get where you want to go. Because all you have to do is make a closed fist and try and actually receive something, you can't catch anything, nothing's going to drop in the palms of your hands when you're bound up tight like that.


So this is why there's this call to come back into your body now, to come back into connection with the earth to take in your surroundings to breathe in the air to bask in the sunlight to feel the earth beneath your feet. Not because we're hippie dippie. But because we understand that when we're connected to ourselves, and were tapped into that higher truth, it's so much easier for things to become possible for you.


So that's my call to action for you today, I really want you to start to think about that start to think about what are the ways that you might have been constricting yourself or limiting your potential or living in the past, we all do it in different ways.

One of my favorite ways is to really try and understand or like figure out why somebody's doing what they're doing, and to try and create some story for, for why somebody is X, Y, and Z. And the more I do that, the more I understand that that's such a waste of precious energy and time and beauty because I can use that energy to focus on what I want in life, and I can move towards my dreams, or I can worry about somebody else.


And this is my question for you. Do you want to spend the rest of your life worrying about other people trying to control what other people think of you trying to? You know, make sure that that people like you, you're accepted? Or do you want to focus on yourself? Do you want to focus on feeling amazing every single day? Do you want to focus on living the life of your dreams? Do you want to focus on taking action towards what you desire? Do you want to grow? Do you want to expand?


Do you want to be like one of those flowers that's blossoming in the sun right now? Do you want to be one of those Ospreys that's like soaring in the sky? Or do you want to be, you know, just the little plant that never bloomed? Right? I think every single one of us, deep down inside wants to be that bird that soars. We want to be that tree that blooms into our full potential. We want to be the flower that blossoms and grows.


And there are so many reasons why we don't allow ourselves to do this. And this is my question for you. What's it going to be? What's it going to be? Are you going to choose to continue to hold yourself back? Are you going to give yourself glorious liberation and freedom?


It's such a great time for this we're moving into the Scorpio Full Moon and even though Scorpio has a reputation for being like heavy and dark and emotional, you got to understand that when you really think about Scorpio as the the depths of who you are, when you find that depth, you also find your breadth right you find your width, you find your truth, so don't be scared of who you are.

Don't be scared of facing your truth. Don't be scared of feeling what you're feeling right now. Love the shit out of it be like yes, and more, please. Yes. And I'm so excited to find out what's really holding me back so that I can move past it once and for all. So that I can fully transform into the person I've always wanted to be so that I can leave all that shit behind for good.

I talk to people about this stuff every single day. I know it's not easy, but when you really find yourself butting up against resistance and fear and you want to stay in that tight little bud and you just want to run and hide. You got to remind yourself that the real magic happens when you open up. When you relax when you drop into your body.


This is everything we practice if you have the five minute fix, if you have moved groovin meditate if you have the embodiment practices, the embodied meditation, any of my free gifts if you've ever gone through any of those if you've taken one of my master classes, if you've been to something like the Renew you rendezvous Whew, if you've taken a class in person a workshop, you know that my greatest mission is to get you back in your body, and to help you blossom from the inside out to unfurl your wings to become more of who you are.


Because when you do that, then you're actually allowing yourself to embody yourself, express yourself. And more importantly than that the universe knows who you are. It knows your address. It's like, oh, yeah, that person is all about XY and Z, and we're going to deliver it on up so if you got dreams, you've got desires, now's a great time to tap into that.


To give you a heads up the 21 day energetic and emotional detox. We are opening the doors this week, the doors are going to open for registration, so be sure to hop on that waitlist. If you're interested. You'll be the first to know and if you are really feeling this, like yes, I'm getting after this this year. Yes. I want to know what's holding me back. Yes, I want to move past my past. Yes, I want to eclipse my trauma. Yes, I want to write new stories. Yes, I want to be a magical manifester. Yes, I want to be brave and powerful, and a full on embody leader and stand up for myself and set boundaries. We've all got different goals. But if you want it, you got it and the 21 day energetic and emotional detox is going to be the entry point to that because I'm going to teach you over 21 days, step by step what it is you need to do to let go of what's holding you back and fully step into what it is you want in such a powerful way that you cannot mess it up. You cannot mess it up. There is no way you can mess it up because being who you are is the greatest gift on Earth. And I am so excited to have you with me.


Please enjoy this day. Go outside, go play do something that lights you up feel incredible. Set those intentions. Drop deeper into your body listen to your feelings. Let me know what's coming up. I love hearing from you. By the way when people respond to these messages, then they tell me what they're working on or what's going on. I love it so much.


So please, please please please please don't be shy. hit reply. Fill me in on what's going on in life. What are you working towards? How are you feeling? How are you doing and I will see you soon!


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