Healer, Heal Thyself... the end of the Wounded Healer and the rise of the Wholesome Lover

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2020

There’s a common quote that states, “Healer, heal thyself” and it generally states that if you want to be a healer, you must first heal yourself before you can heal others.


And while that is a valid and true sentiment, the reality is that if there is no “completely healed” status and you are a healer, you might spend your entire life waiting to be healed before you actually begin doing your work... And that could cause you a lot of undue suffering, sadness, and stress.


I know, because I speak with beautiful souls every day who want to be healers. And they all speak of this bizarre conflict of interest and this outdated belief that because they are broken... they can't help anyone else.


And it acts like that spinning ball of death you see on your computer that causes your entire system to crash, so you RESTART only to dead-end in the exact same place.


In one woman’s case, she even said, “I want to be a healer, I really, really do – but I am guessing I am a case in point of a physician, heal thyself first or you’ve no bloomin’ chance of being of any use to anyone else lol”.


To which I responded, “NOT TRUE!” Because you don't have to be fully healed to start helping others and that's a fact.


So that’s why I want you to turn your focus from healing to love and consider how deep your capacity to give and receive love can go instead. Because love has the power to heal. And if you can love, you can heal. And that is that.


So this makes it’s less about your ability to “do healing”, and more about being able to locate the source of pain and direct the energy of love towards it in a focused manner.


Because that is what creates the healing in the end anyway. And that takes the pressure off “trying to be a healer” and allows you to simply embody what a healer is and does instead!


When you do this, it opens the door to so much possibility and feels a lot freer as well. And when you're feeling free and open, the energy flows in and out in a way that is truly divine.


That's what the great poets like Rumi and Hafez mean when they speak of hollow reeds and flutes btw...


And while I'm at it, this goes for all the beautiful, broken souls of the world as well and what others might be telling you about your own healing potential.


If you're still spinning YOUR wheels trying to "fix what's broken" and "heal" but you're still not there, perhaps this is why you're not where you want to be either and it's possible you're a lot further along than you think, but no one's been able to shine a light on it for you so you can see it!


There's a big difference between trying to heal and accepting healing. And it all depends on your capacity for love. For love heals all wounds and it doesn't get much sweeter than that.


Love this message? Got something to share? Leave a comment below and let's help transform the wounded healer into the wholesome lover instead. 


From my beautiful heart to yours,



PS: If you’re a budding healer or you’re just not confident in your healing gifts, schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call and I’ll help you find clarity around what it is you want to do and help you make it happen with ease, joy, and grace so you can start sharing your gifts with confidence.

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