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Uncategorized Oct 21, 2021

Are you highly emotional? Creative? Empathic and sensitive?

And do you worry that it’s a problem?


Me too! 


Turns  out, it’s more common than you think!


And yet because most people don’t understand how your unique soul functions, they end up doing more than than good and leave you feeling bad about yourself.


It’s happened to me. And maybe it's happened to you too...


I hear all the time about coaches who have inadvertently caused harm to a client because they’d didn’t understand their nervous system or creative style.

That's usually when the universe sends them to me! Because YOU are the exact person I am here to serve. And why my methods can help.

Because I have been exactly where you are now and I had to do so much of this on my own.

And this is why I have devoted so much of my time and energy supporting those who are emotionally rich, ultra creative people like yourself…


Because it turns out if you’re an “innie” like me there’s nothing wrong with you and you're not doomed to suffer.


You need a different approach to healing and creating.


And with the right tools and guidance you can live a happy, healthy life AND have everything you want!


Wondering if you are an HSP/empath/creative soul?

Or curious how my method ShaktiBomb can support you in creating what you want?


I made this video for you!


Take a watch and if it resonates I’d love to explore how I can support you in healing and creating everything you desire.


My mission is to support you in working with ALL of your beautiful self so you can live your life full out.


And you deserve to shine!


With fierce love, Katie

If this resonates with you CONTACT ME TODAY to schedule a connection call and we'll explore what's possible for you!


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