You're invited to a Daily Grid Activation training

 Friday May 1st 11 am pst/2pm est

in my private Zoom room

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Dearest soul warrior,

I know these are challenging times and things are more stressful and uncertain than ever which can be really scary...

And that's why I wanted to invite you to join me for my first ever DAILY GRID ACTIVATION TRAINING!  

So I can share with you my most powerful tool I have when it comes to manifesting and staying focused on growth.

My Daily Grid is a simple spreadsheet designed to help you set your intentions, focus your energy and track your mindset. And it's so easy to use all you have to do is fill it out each morning and night to get results.

And this week I'm also doing a special training to show you how to use this powerful tool to co-create major shifts in your life, while ramping up your focus, manifestation and even your consciousness so you can create a practice and strategy you can count on, even when things are tough.

Want to try it? RSVP to reserve your spot belo AND once you do you'll also gain access to the daily grid!

I'm Katie Kozlowski and I want to make transformation as simple as possible for you! Join me for this live training and I'll teach you how to create a daily practice you can use to manifest, focus and heal!

And I can't wait to meet you!



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