Simply Woman... Stories from 30 Magnificent Women Who Have Risen Against The Odds! 

Is a book arriving RIGHT ON SCHEDULE.  With the feminine rising, the #metoo movement and women finally speaking up, this book delivers 30 separate stories that will move you, blow your heart and mind wide open and inspire you to RISE! 
Led by Crystal Andrus Morissette, this book covers it all and you MUST grab your copy! 

"Powerful Beyond Measure...A MUST READ" ~ Collette Baron-Reid

WITHIN THE US $25 OUTSIDE THE US $35 (Shipping included)

The world is in a critical time right now, especially for women. We are being called like never before to stand up, come together, and rewrite our futures. To remember where we’ve been, how we got here, and what we want moving forward.

"Simply…Woman!: Stories from 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds" is a compilation of different women’s experiences; all living in different parts of the world. No chapter is the same. No story is the same. They are one woman’s journey from pain and suffering into wisdom and truth.

Let them speak to you. Evoke you. Enlighten and educate you. This is how we heal our legacy. This is how we heal our future. This is how we heal the world . . . One important woman at a time. #TogetherWeRise #TimesUp

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Shipping WITHIN the US: $25 Shipping OUTSIDE the US: $35 


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