ShaktiBOMB™ Fiercely Feminine Immersion Program

💥Close out the decade with a Bang!💥

November 11th ~ December 30th 2019

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Beautiful soul...

Isn’t it time to become the courageous, empowered woman you were born to be?

 You KNOW you are meant for more than struggle, pain, and old patterns from the past.

Let’s call forth the heroine inside of you, and attract all the love, joy, and abundance you can possibly handle! 




Moving through the world almost like a new person, looking at life through fresh eyes, having left the pain of your past behind as if it never even happened.

Being confident, connected, and consistent in all areas of your life: work, finances, relationships, health, spirituality — you name it.

 Feeling like a million bucks when you look at your reflection in the mirror (or see your true beauty reflected back in the eyes of admirers all around you).


All of this is possible for you, no matter how much pain you’ve experienced or how long you’ve been stuck in unhelpful patterns and behaviors.


And in a moment, I’ll explain exactly how it works (without bypassing your feelings or just trying to “think positive”).

Hi, I’m Katie K! 


As I write this, I can confidently share that I’ve transformed my life from one that held so much pain, unhappiness, lack, scarcity, self-abuse, and low self-worth… 

… to my current life, filled with unbridled joy, abundance, opportunity, self-confidence, self-love, and more.

I’ll tell you what I discovered, that made ALL the difference, in just a moment. 

 And yet, what I’ve discovered isn’t just for ME. 

I’ve also helped thousands of women step into their full, fierce, feminine potential not just as women, but as the goddesses they truly are.


 "Katie Kozlowski is a magical, gentle, force of nature. She lives her truth and helps awaken the ShaktiBOMB within you."
~Crystal Andrus Morissette


“Katie is a great guide for any journey you might find yourself needing to go on through this explorative process. Katie is GENUINELY interested in each of us and is sooooo responsive. 
This self work has been so much more rewarding than other types due to the playful approach Katie helps you take. 
Being curious and exploring your inner self will more easily get you to places you may have previously been "fighting" to get to and it wasn't working. 
Katie and YOU are sooooo worth it!!.”
~Courtney Golueke

But it wasn’t that long ago that I was a lost soul…

Struggling to make it as an actress, dating “bad” boyfriends, working in bars, drinking six scotches a night, and then wandering home in the dark feeling like a complete and total FAILURE.

 Until one night a taxi ran into me, and I was never the same again.

Unbelievably, I walked away that night totally unharmed.

 What changed me, though, was the realization that I had been abusing myself my whole life.

It literally took getting knocked down for me to learn how to lift myself up.

 Up, out of my past and out of my patterns, and into the woman I had always known I was deep down inside.

 Over the past 8 years, I’ve trained with master teachers, studying Neuroplasticity, Neurolinguistic Programming, meditation, energy healing, and the highest spiritual teachings.

I’ve synthesized both ancient wisdom and cutting edge consciousness to not only heal myself…

 … but to bring YOU the wisdom, truth, energy and love that can help you take your power back, reconnect with your body and soul, and live the life you were born to live. 

 AND, to enjoy the process, too!

Watch this quick video and learn more about what makes a ShaktiBOMB woman so powerful and find out if it's right for you!

So, let me ask you…

Have you been living with the pain of the past, and dealing with it in the present (over and over again), for WAY too long?

Maybe you’ve been struggling with weight, finances, relationships, career and/or your health, for a long time.

Or ALL of the above.

And if this true, chances are you’re experiencing struggles around...

💥 self worth

💥 abundance

💥 self love

💥 self trust

💥 self respect

💥 confidence

And it’s stopping you from feeling happy, worthy, and connected  and actually enjoying the love, health, abundance, success and well-being you so crave (and deserve!).

You may have been through plenty of trauma in the past like emotional, sexual or physical abuse or assault — or rape, divorce, addiction or illness...

And yet, you are READY to move past all of these experiences.

You don’t want them to define you any longer.


Well, I’m going to teach you how to break all of your old stories down, and write a brand-new one that features you as the woman of your dreams.

 After that “meeting” with the taxi cab, my life began to change dramatically when I learned these TWO simple truths.


Truth #1: Your struggle is not happening by mistake.

That’s right, it’s not happening because you screwed up or are broken in any way.

And yet, it’s ALSO not happening because someone or something else in this universe wants you to suffer.

No, it’s happening because it’s part of your DNA, and the role you were handed from lifetimes past.

But guess what?

The fact that you are reading this now means you are WAKING UP. 

You are being invited to rewrite your old story into a new one of healing and empowerment.


Truth #2: You can’t go up until you go all the way down.

Personal empowerment and real transformation don’t happen at a “positive thinking” seminar, or through reading a self-help bestseller.

That’s the kind of change that feels good in the moment, but never sticks.

True transformation takes courage.

It takes faith.

It takes a willingness to travel the entire heroine’s journey, complete with the lowest depths AND the highest highs.

And for that, beautiful, you need a skilled guide at your side.


“I just met Katie but it feels like she's a long time friend, she is so down to earth. 
Her way of expressing herself is so relatable you just get it. 
You can just feel her passion in what she does through her energy.”
~ Elizabeth Will


The ShaktiBOMB™ Fiercely Feminine Total Immersion

An 8-week program that guides you toward deep healing, empowerment and change while being held and embraced by the arms of the feminine — so you can complete the old cycle you've been stuck in and create a new one, free from pain!

Program Dates: November 11 — December 30, 2019.


That’s right, we begin on the auspicious 11/11 portal, and the experience carries us through to the end of the decade!



1 Payment



PAY IN FULL and get a sexy bonus gift. This is for the woman who wants it all!




PER MONTH for 4 months! This is our most popular plan for the lady who's ready to rise and shine!




PER MONTH for 8 months! This the way to go if you're ready for more, but you're on a budget!



Join us for this auspicious period and close out the decade with a bang!









Become a ShaktiBOMB woman today, and gain more


🔥 Courage                       🔥 Strength

🔥 Wisdom                       🔥 Power

🔥 Energy                         🔥 Consciousness

🔥 Confidence                 🔥 Clarity

And evolve beyond your previous self, so you can blossom into
the goddess you were meant to be.


Inside the Immersion program you’ll receive:

  • 8 LIVE group classes every Tuesday evening at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT held in Zoom where I walk you, step by step, through the process of moving through the heroine’s journey — from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the ocean and back again
  • Personalized Q&A during each weekly gathering, where you can get customized guidance and support from me, as well as learning from the experience of your warrior sisters and sharing your wins and breakthroughs
  • A suite of worksheets, meditations and videos to support your learning, healing and training, available in a secure, private membership site — plus recordings of all classes, so you can re-listen as often as you like and immerse yourself deeper in the materials
  • Ongoing powerful energy support in the form of a loving, supportive energetic vortex created by Katie
  • Access to Katie for coaching and guidance between classes via Voxer and email so you can continue healing, clearing and learning in between classes 
  • A secret Facebook group and circle for sharing and collective sisterhood healing


Why The Course Is Amazing 

I’m here to not only help you heal, but to educate you so you can continue to act as your own healer in the future.

This is not just an 8-week experience. It’s designed to bring about permanent shifts in the way you approach your life. 

 Every class, each assignment, and every supplemental meditation and bonus lesson is designed to provide you with a lifetime of tools and resources, so you can leave your past behind for good, and step into a new future.


Why The Community Is Amazing 

You have access to live 24/7 support within our private community of Fiercely Feminine warrior sisters.

The community is a safe, supportive, judgment-free circle of other women who are committed to their healing and transformation.

 You may discover an accountability partner for completing your classwork, or a supportive friend for taking those bold moves that feel scary, or even your next creative collaborator for a passion project.

 You’ll also benefit from the insights, the ups and downs, and the huge breakthroughs of your Fiercely Feminine sisters — and share your own and receive loving encouragement, support, and celebration! 


Why The Coaching Is Amazing

My coaching style is light and playful, while inviting you to open yourself up to the deeper and more vulnerable truths within you.

You will find yourself ENJOYING the process of transformation, even as you take courageous steps that may have felt hard or scary to think about in the past.

 You’ll receive custom-fit answers to any questions you may have, during our weekly Zoom calls. I’m 100% committed to giving you the tools and support to reach a level of healing and empowerment where you walk away literally a changed woman. 


 “Katie understands energy and is able to convey real, practical tools and techniques to work with it in a tangible way, to get the results you are seeking.
 After our session, my relationship to my business shifted...I opened deeper into the alchemical piece of the work that I do, and new creations seemed to birth out of nowhere. 
 My listening is more acute, and the next steps seem to reveal themselves more clearly than ever!”
~Julie Dokas



Here's what you'll learn...

WEEK 1: Understanding the journey and preparing for success 

Every goddess knows that if you want to be successful and powerful, you've got to plan, prepare and be extremely intentional and clear with what you desire, or the results end up all over the map!

This is our time to gather and get laser sharp on what we want to get out of our time together so you don't get lost along the way!

Complete with daily accountability worksheets and centering exercises, this will give you the mindset and the tools you need to seriously transform over the next 8 weeks!

WEEK 2: Getting clear on your why and digging deeper into yourself

Intentionality and Clarity are everything and knowing where you trip yourself up is key to creating powerful change that lasts. 

By connecting IN with your heart center and your soul, this week is all about creating the ultimate divine connection and energy that will carry you THROUGH your journey and feed your desire to shift. 

Without a solid foundation it's easy to get off track, so we're going to make sure what you're building is STRONG and coming from both the inside and out, so it stands up to anything!

WEEK 3: Letting go; Exploring compassion and forgiveness

One of the biggest pain points for all of us is holding onto old wounds and emotions, but when we do that we stay where we are and we can't heal or grow. 

This week we dive into the power of forgiving others and ourselves for what might have happened in the past and create paths to healing, closure and resolution. 

It's easy to be confused when it comes to this concept, so we will be focusing on how to release the emotions while still maintaining our own power and boundaries in way that brings us peace without giving away our strength.

WEEK 4: Becoming the heroine; Releasing victimhood and rising

That's right! We are goddesses here, and that means we are STRONG and RESILIENT.  This week we talk about how to go from victim to heroine, and reframe your past in ways that help you feel like the powerful being you are. 

It's not easy to get over trauma, but with the right information and insights, we will take your past wounds and flip them over so that you see how they make you strong and you will go from being stuck in victimhood to a whole new you that is way beyond your wildest dreams.

WEEK 5: Finding true love; waking up to reality and truth

There is a difference between "dreams" and reality, and this week we dive into the differences between TRUE LOVE and love that is just an idea that keeps us safe. 

We'll explore when we have been in true love or when we've been in lust. And we will heal the past heartaches of when we had our hearts broken. 

True love is all about the kind of love that carries you through anything, and this week we will help you return to that and give you tools to stay connected to love in a whole new way.

(Teaser: When you run on Prema, you are unstoppable!)

WEEK 6: Releasing the curse and receiving your gifts

Sometimes when we get hurt, we think we're cursed and we start to hate the things that make us who we are. And if you've had a challenging life, this could be something that has happened to you.

This week we talk all about how we often mistake our gifts for curses and how to see ourselves as beautiful gifts again. 

This is a great opportunity to retrace your steps and find those missing pieces or ideas that you picked up from others and swap them out for more positive beliefs and they all help you SHINE.

WEEK 7: The gift of now; Staying present always

Everyone knows that being PRESENT is essential to being a fully embodied goddess, but it's not easy to do when life gets rough. This week we dive into why staying in the NOW is powerful and explore ways to practice it every single day. 

By being present, our feminine energy and Shakti can flow freely and this is one of the most important weeks yet. It will transform your manifestation, your relationships and your bank account!

WEEK 8: Welcome home to a New You! Let's Celebrate!

After 8 weeks of inner travel, we return to the start, only now EVERYTHING IS NEW.  The way you see yourself, the way you think, the way you act... is all refreshed and made over and you finally FEEL like the divine being you are. 

We'll talk about what's changed and ways to keep it up now that our weeks together are over. And we will CELEBRATE! Because woman, you deserve it! 

You’ll also receive all of these tools that you can use for the rest of your life:

🔥 A daily practice for staying focused and connected

🔥 A daily grid for accountability and creating healthy boundaries

🔥 A proven formula for breaking apart the old stories and rebuilding the new

🔥 Guided meditations for forgiveness, embodying the goddess, accessing your soul, and more

🔥 Focused training on the quantum field, feminine energy, using shakti and manifestation

🔥 A clearly mapped-out explanation of the heroine’s journey, the In & Down, the subconscious, and how to break patterns and create new ones

🔥 AND you’ll learn how to create your very own archetype, mantra, movement and theme song to help you stay anchored in this way of being for good.

PLUS, you’ll receive these exclusive BONUSES when you enroll today...



Two Private 1:1 ShaktiBOMB Activation Sessions 

($500 Value)

 These deeply supportive sessions will help you with your "tough spots" and will include a blend of my best tools for clearing stuck energy and subconscious blocks.

 These tools include Neurolinguistic Programming, Neuroplasticity, guided meditation, and of course the elements of my signature ShaktiBOMB system.

 No more struggling through another course on your own, trying to make the tools work perfectly for YOU. I’ll walk you through them personally and we’ll pinpoint exactly what you need for your unique situation.


Bonus #2:

Glorious Goddess Graduation Ceremony

($250 Value)

Ritual and ceremony are SO crucial to facilitating real transformation.

 Yet, so rarely do we take the time to gather in this way, outside of the world of traditional education. 

 As a ShaktiBOMB Woman, you will be a part of our final gathering on 12/30 (yes, the end of the entire decade!).

 This Glorious Goddess Graduation Ceremony will include a “Big Burn” ritual to release all that no longer is a part of you, and you will be rebirthed for the new decade!


Bonus #3:

Your New Consciousness Avatar

($250 Value)

 As we go through the 8-week process, you’ll have been creating (via worksheets, writing and visualization) your own new goddess/superheroine avatar all along the way.

 ShaktiBOMB Women in the past have chosen avatars like:

  • Theone the girl with the diamond in her throat
  • Sophia the girl with the magic purse
  • Leisli the lady of the light

This bonus gives you a solid “anchor” to help seal in your new consciousness, so you can embody her fully and carry her with you everywhere you go, as a sort of alter-ego.

Your New Consciousness Avatar includes a DIPLOMA with your new name it, lovingly infused with the energy of the entire ShaktiBOMB Fiercely Feminine Immersion experience and community.

THIS is how you bring the energy of the experience back into your daily life, so that transformation is deep and permanent.



1 Payment


PAY IN FULL and get a sexy bonus gift. This is for the woman who wants it all!




PER MONTH for 4 months! This is our most popular plan for the lady who's ready to rise and shine!




PER MONTH for 8 months! This the way to go if you're ready for more, but you're on a budget!




($200 value)

You’ll receive a luxurious bonus kit that includes:

 Exclusive Smudge Stick

Flower Essence & Essential Oil Blend

One *Surprise* Gift!


The flower essences alone have been shown to help with:

Balancing hormones and hot flashes

Upgrading confidence and power

Calling in cash like a magnet

Flowering true Devine nature

Activating inner beauty

And so much more...


Imagine having your own set of specialized resources that you can use to amplify the transformations you receive inside the ShaktiBOMB Fiercely Feminine Total Immersion. 

 Pay in full for your ShaktiBOMB Immersion experience, and receive your exclusive Fiercely Feminine Warrior Kit, delivered to your doorstep!


Take a peek inside the private member portal…



The ShaktiBOMB Fiercely Feminine Immersion Is perfect for you if...

  • You’re stuck on repeat and the same things keep happening over and over — and you’re tired of it and ready to find out WHY and HOW to shift it
  • You know you're a powerful, intelligent woman, even in the face of these challenges, and you KNOW there is beauty inside you waiting to come out
  • You want to feel more confident, connected and consistent in your business, your body, your love life, your finances, or your spiritual practice — or all of the above
  • You’ve lost your faith in the Universe, God or yourself, but somewhere deep inside you KNOW there is another way — a kind of truth you’ve yet to discover — and you want to know what it is
  • You’re exhausted, run down, your adrenals are fried, your thyroid is shot, but you're ready to fix that cycle and heal your body
  • You’re in debt or struggling to earn the kind of money you desire, or you want more financial independence from your spouse and you KNOW you're worthy of so much more
  • You’ve been through trauma (sexual, physical or emotional), and you’re tired of it running your life and are ready to find peace, love and acceptance

It may not be a good fit for you if...

  • You’re not ready to face the truth or you’re afraid to show up for yourself
  • You don’t believe in healing or energy or the universe
  • You don’t think things are “bad” enough or you like to blame others for what’s happening in your life
  • You like being a victim or you don't want to do what it takes to get out of your comfort zone
  • You're not ready to invest time and money into your healing and evolution
"Katie’s training is phenomenal! From the very beginning I felt supported, seen and in the right place to begin reframing my thoughts and perspective.
 I am very career oriented and initially came with the goal of leveling up in this area. However I realized throughout my time in the program that what I am seeking is truly something deeper in my life than a material milestone.
 Katie walked me through powerful exercises that are made to access the unconscious mind and helped me have several major ‘Aha’ moments. 
 This program allowed me to meet myself all over again and I’m grateful for Katie and the work that she does. Thank you!”
 ~Katrina Katona

A bit more about me and my approach...

I am here to be your leader, your guide, your soul sister and your friend. 


My training comes from a lifetime of personal experience having overcome my own trauma and pain and self-destructive patterns, as well over 10 years of in depth study with many masters of our time.


I received multiple initiations from master teacher Derek O’Neill and was a student of his for many years attending his workshops in Ireland and New York City. And I have certifications in Neuroplasticity Brain, Heart & Gut Soulutions, Rising Star, Mindfulness and Meditation, NLP, EFT, the Bhagavad Gita and the highest truths. I also worked in depth with master teacher Brook Still and several others along the way.  


My greatest gift is in taking what I’m given and what we already know and innovating it to create new, positive outcomes.


My signature ShaktiBOMB method  is a compilation of my spiritual and energetic studies, as well as my years training as a performer and learning about the body and communication.


What you get is a deeply knowledgeable, well rounded, highly adaptive, crystal clear woman who listens, feels and moves along WITH YOU to guide you to the place within you that are longing to be heard and helping you create peace within and without.

 “Katie has a way of explaining things that make you understand. Katie is caring and it comes across in the way she teaches and shares. She is fantastic.”
~Joy Kendall
“Katie is an amazing teacher! Passionate about her work and compassionate to all who know her.  I highly recommend all that Katie has to share for it will bring true transformation to your life!!!“
~Carol Willis

Got questions? I have answers.

Like most things in life, the more time and effort you put into this work, the more you will get out of it. Each class is 60-90 mins depending on how long we take, our 1:1 sessions are a total of 60 mins and the rest is up to you! There will be homework assignments that take 20-30 mins once a week and the remainder of the time is your own personal exploration. 

Absolutely! I love taking systems and shaking them up and that is what I have done for you with ShaktiBOMB. I do that because we are multidimensional and complex beings, so that means we want to target things on multiple levels with various tools. So while I'll be running energy that helps clear you out emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, we will also be using tools like Neuroplasticity and Neurolinguistic Programming to help you work on your brain and the way you think. We'll also add in a level of creativity and imagination, because that is a HUGE part of the feminine. What you get is what I like to call WHOLE BEING HEALING and it will amaze you at all the ways you begin to change. 

Great question! Because I have done a lot of programs myself, I specifically designed this program to keep you as involved and engaged as possible! And I’ve kept the content simple and easy to digest too. A lot of programs just deliver you the information but they don't help you practice it with others and that's where it gets really powerful. You can't just read information and expect it to change your life-- you have to DO IT! And that's why I made this easy for you to do AND experience. Each week when we gather as a group I’ll make sure you’re getting the lessons so you can practice them on a daily basis.

A computer, smartphone or tablet, a printer if you like to print things, a journal, and you!

The first step in changing anything is awareness~ so through the questions, journaling and group calls I will help you not only become aware of what's getting in your way, but give you multiple ways to transform it from a block to a new powerful flow. Like anything in life, practice is the key~ so each week we will practice until the new mindsets and energies take over. By the end, you might even forget you had a "problem" to begin with! But the key is finding the root of where it starts, and that just happens to be my specialty!

Yes! While I encourage you to show up as much as you can because presence is powerful, even if you don't want to share in the group or on the calls you can read along and listen and then communicate with me 1:1. I'd also suggest that maybe one of the things you can play with during the program is overcoming that fear of sharing because you might find you actually enjoy it. This entire program is about new possibilities and seeing things in a new light and I do everything I can to create a safe space for exploration.

There are no refunds for changing your mind

Because I want you to commit to yourself and the journey, once you choose to join me for the ShaktiBOMB Fiercely Feminine Total Immersion, I would never offer you an easy escape hatch — it wouldn’t be in service to your growth and transformation. 

This work is for the serious seeker who is ready to face herself head on, and I want you to be in it 100% from the start. 

If after you have shown up for all 8 calls LIVE and have done the homework, turned it in, and taken advantage of the 1:1 support via Voxer and email — and for some reason you have not experienced the amazing transformative effects of the ShaktiBOMB system, I will provide a full refund as long as the request is made on or before the final closing circle. 

But here’s the exciting thing: if you DO show up and do the work, I guarantee you will feel the results!


Here's how ShaktiBOMB Changed these women's lives!

"Katie and ShaktiBOMB™ helped solidify what I always knew to be true, that I was not using my full potential! I am proud and honored to have worked with Katie. Her cutting edge program is life changing!!! 

I was first drawn by Katie's energy because she is light and playful and she carries this through in her teaching. 

And while this program pushes you to deal with all your inside struggles and bring them to the surface so that they can be cleared energetically and then replaced, it leaves you feeling excited and more free than you have ever been.

Upon completing ShakiBOMB™, I am now viewing the world through a new pair of eyes and hear my thoughts through a new way of thinking.  My world has become sacred to me! I have a loving, healthy, new relationship with an absolutely wonderful man  that I love dearly, and a new job for the US Postal Service that included a pay raise and benefits. 

 Katie has unlocked the healer in me, that has always been there, waiting to be reborn. My life has changed so much since ShaktiBOMB™ and I’m extremely grateful!" ~ Bridget Mertens 


 "When I started ShaktiBOMB™ I had pneumonia, mono and hypothyroidism and I was running on EMPTY which had happened before in my life.

I've been on a spiritual path. I see an empathic therapist. I read and study. But this ShaktiBOMB™ program has made concepts clear and immediately applicable in my life that have shifted everything much faster than expected. 

 The weekly call-ins kept me accountable and moving forward and the 1:1s are VERY powerful as you're working through the program learning tools in tandem. 

 Also, everything is practical and useable immediately. My favorite parts were the neuroplasticity tools which helped me rewire my brain and the concept of the IN & DOWN which I will NEVER FORGET!

 And as a result of all I learned, I’ve been able to create my own business I love, raise my rates, dive deeper into my creative work and hold my own in relationships!”

 ~Meredyth Yund

 “I joined ShaktiBOMB™ because I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship that was causing me pain, and also financially not going anywhere in my career. I felt used, but was not strong enough to put myself first. I was also feeling a lot of fear of losing my sister to cancer. 

 After a few weeks into the program, I was able to value myself enough and acquired the strength to break-up with my boyfriend. And although it was painful and not easy, I got the courage to love myself more and do what was best for me. I found my inner Goddess!

 I also discovered the root cause of my fear of losing things, including my sister, which also helped me solve my ongoing struggle with my weight. And this program brought two BIG - AHA moments to my life.

 As a result, my self-esteem has gone up and I value myself more. I finally understand where my fear comes from and how to handle it.

 During the program I felt like was being held in someone’s arms throughout the class and even though I was healing, there was an energy surrounding me that was letting me know everything would be ok. 

The energy that Katie puts/sends to you while you are in the program is priceless.

 If you can trust yourself and show up, Katie will work her magic with you and she will shift something inside of you just like she did for me. It is very hard to describe her technique because it is not only what you learn but how she is working energetically to move you out of where you are stuck. 

 It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, this program will shift and change you to be better in area you choose or even in areas you didn’t know.

 Since the program ended, I have incorporated into my life several techniques Katie taught me that are helping me to get where I want to go. And I still feel magic surrounding me and reminds me that I can accomplish anything I want.

 ~Diana Mejia


 “I joined the ShaktiBOMB™ Immersion because my life was at the crux of change and empowerment and I knew I needed help. So when I spoke to Katie about where I was feeling stuck, the things she said made so much sense I decided to take her program.

And it was an AWAKENING! The program was inspiring, and my biggest realization was that you have to do the self work to really create the changes you want.

Luckily Katie provides information, worksheets and meditations to help the journey along. And her one on one sessions are very powerful and really helped me understand the root of why I had been struggling and what it was I was looking to accomplish.

Katie is a very honest, positive, open, down to earth woman who is motivating and gentle and kind! And I felt comfortable opening up to to get the support and guidance I needed.”

 ~Tara Rooney



1 Payment



PAY IN FULL and get a sexy bonus gift. This is for the woman who wants it all!




PER MONTH for 4 months! This is our most popular plan for the lady who's ready to rise and shine!




PER MONTH for 8 months! This the way to go if you're ready for more, but you're on a budget!




($200 value)

You’ll receive a luxurious bonus kit that includes:


Exclusive Smudge Stick

Flower Essence & Essential Oil Blend

One *Surprise* Gift!


The flower essences alone have been shown to help with:


Balancing hormones and hot flashes

Upgrading confidence and power

Calling in cash like a magnet

Flowering true Devine nature

Activating inner beauty

And so much more...


Imagine having your own set of specialized resources that you can use to amplify the transformations you receive inside the ShaktiBOMB Fiercely Feminine Total Immersion. 


Pay in full for your ShaktiBOMB Immersion experience, and receive your exclusive Fiercely Feminine Warrior Kit, delivered to your doorstep!


"I met Katie K just by accident…now I know the lesson would be "nothing is an accident" because after I met her my whole life changed.
When we met, I was always in pain and walking with a cane. I felt older than my age and depressed that things would only get worse as time went on. For me, my future was bleak being on multiple pain medicines, getting injections in my joints or back when needed, and mostly being unable to do everyday errands.
But I decided to do a 20 min scan with Katie just to see what she had to offer. And our conversation was so smooth, comfortable, and made so much sense to me I figured what do a have to lose?
I agreed that her energetic and transformational system was the way for me to go and I said YES!
My very first session was an awesome learning experience, and I felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was already walking straighter, feeling very little pain, and within two weeks I was walking without my cane – which I had been using daily for five years! And by the end of the program, I was even off my pain meds!
I am presently enjoying life again! I am able to go out with friends without any difficulty walking AND my pain has subsided 100%. ⠀⠀⠀
I never thought I would be living my life again, pain-free and active. All I can say is Katie K. is a bright light of personality and I am so blessed to have her in my life." 
~Sylvia Dobis
“After even a short session with Katie I’ve achieved a huge shift! 
Katie is so talented in her work, that if you only add your willingness, she can help you move a mountain. 
I highly recommend her and her beautiful soul for healing, guidance and important information.”
~Karlee Weisgerber

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