You're invited to join us and experience: 

Queen for a Day

A magical one day retreat created just for you

October 24th 2021

11 am- 5pm 

Hidden Gem on Main

33 North Main St Wallingford CT



Tap into your inner grace and embody the queen you were born to be

Imagine being immersed in a day created just for you.

And carving out a space for connection, peace, freedom, truth and everything your heart desires... 

Queen for a Day is designed to support you in awakening your feminine power and integrating your own unique wisdom and strength so you can carry  it within you wherever you go. 

Complete with your crystal crown creation, a flower essence journey and sacred empowerment ceremony you’l leave feeling like a queen who’s ready to take on the world.

Leave your worries at the door and allow us to guide you in letting go so you can access the deeper truths, cultivate peace and make contact with the goddess you are.


During our magical time together you'll get to experience your own divine self inside these sacred rituals and experiences:

  • Create your own crystal crown workshop
  • Sacred guided flower essence journey
  • Empowerment Ceremony & Royal Queen Activation
  • Journaling and Integrative meditation
  • Plus you'll leave with these bonus gifts including a custom blended flower essence, a custom blended anointing essential oil

And you'll walk out feeling refreshed, renewed, restored and ready to create magic like the power woman you are!


Meet Your Guides:

Katie Kozlowski

is an energy and embodiment master coach with a passion for guiding you towards liberation!

She's here to support you in co-creating the next level of your magical reality and to embodying the feminine majesty you are.

Julie Dokas

is an energetic and botanical Alchemist and the co-owner of Hidden Gem on Main.

She also the founder and creator of BiolumenEssence and is here to support you in your own beautiful awakening through the creation of powerful flower essence and essential oil blends.


Christina Slue

is the creatress of The Crystal Crown Class and owner of The Coveted Stone.

She's here to guide you in creating your own crystal crown woven with your unique intention and sacred energy! 

Are you feeling called to join us? We can't wait to share this magical day with you!