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Let's ShaktiBOMB your life so your own creative power can flow

We work for either one month or three months at a time.

We go through a 4 part series (1 energy, 1 coaching, 2 support/integration) and you also get access to me via voxer and email . 

I pride myself on bringing you the BEST & MOST EFFECTIVE tools I can and combine everything I learned from acting school and 20 years as a professional performer and VO Artist with my 8 years studying NLP, EFT, Meditation, Spirituality, Consciousness and the Spirt/Mind/Body connection. 

My work is light & playful while inviting you to open yourself up to the deeper and more vulnerable truths within you, so you not only get a full experience but something that helps you integrate it both inside and out. 

I am 100% interested in giving you tools and teachings that are accessible, digestible and actionable and putting in language that makes sense.  

If you have a specific pattern you'd like to target, we can start there and work for 1 month. Or if you have greater and deeper desires, we can work for 3. 

 Investment amounts range from $250 ~ $1600 Depending on how long and how deep you want to go

Interested in Working with me?  

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