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I'm the divine contractor... let's RENOVATE Your Life!

My job is to help you realize that you’ve never lost it to begin with and it’s all here for you, right now.

I am a healer, but not just any healer.  I am a healer that embodies love and walks WITH YOU on the path because there is nothing I would ask you to do that I haven’t done before.

I am a trained student in the art of mindfulness, spirituality and love. 

I have helped people overcome addictions, traumas and abuse. I have helped people drop physical ailments and chronic illness. And I have guided those ready to pass on into the light.

My gifts lie in my ability to help you see yourself as I see you, as a child of divinity and a being worthy of love and light and all that you are inside and out.

My job is to reconnect you with your self and your soul, and to return to you anything you think you might have lost.

I use tools that help you embody what you experience to release trapped emotion and pain and transform all that you are carrying in healing, love and joy.

I help you find you inner child and higher self so you can dream again and envision a life where you no longer experience the world wish to escape.


Im looking for the beautiful beings of the world who are ready to journey with me, to find what it is you’re seeking and create the life you’ve always known is yours for the making.


If you are ready to find what it is you think you will never have… lets talk!

Let's TALK!


I only take on 6 private clients at a time and we work for a month at a time.

Prices range from $250- $750/mo and you receive up to 3 sessions per month (1 energy, 1 coaching, 1 support/integration), access to me via voxer and email . 

I pride myself on bringing you the BEST & MOST EFFECTIVE tools I can and combine everything I learned from acting school and 20 years as a professional performer and VO Artist with my 8 years studying NLP, EFT, Meditation, Spirituality, Consciousness and the Spirt/Mind/Body connection. 

My work is light & playful while inviting you to open yourself up to the deeper and more vulnerable truths within you, so you not only get a full experience but something that helps you integrate it both inside and out. 

I am 100% interested in giving you tools and teachings that are accessible, digestible and actionable and putting in language that makes sense.  


Interested in Working with me?  

Let's TALK!


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