Imagine if you could pinpoint the moment your life changed forever...

When something happened that hurt you, scared you or broke you down.

And maybe it's not what you think it was…and then suddenly you REMEMBER how truly, deeply you were affected by that experience.

And not just by the act of remembering it. But by FEELING how you felt in your body; how you were sitting, what you were thinking, the thoughts that were playing in your mind...

And the memories reveal themselves to you like a time machine that takes you back.

And you watch it. You see it. You feel it. 


It might sound like a nightmare…

But what if by going back you can finally move forward again and retrieve the pieces of you that you left behind...And you can get yourself out of there.

You can teach yourself to make a different decision. And you can KEEP YOURSELF SAFE.

Would it be worth it?

The answer is YES, because locked within that trauma is the freedom you need to change direction, release the pain, and create a new path forward.




Don't miss out on this incredible journey and transform yourself starting NOW!









If you're reading this now, there’s a good chance that you’ve found yourself in some of these situations:

  • feeling numb or like you're stuck on repeat and the same problems keep coming back even though you thought you fixed them at least once already
  • reading all the self help books and "secreting" but nothing's happening or changing and you think your manifesting button is broken
  • struggling with your feelings and emotions and not knowing how to handle them or wanting to stuff them down or worse stuff your face!
  • hating on your body, your bank account, your romantic life or your career and feeling like you can't catch a break or get ahead
  • battling with shame, sadness or abusive relationships and feeling like NO ONE will be able to help you or understand you
  • And it’s all left you feeling like there’s something wrong with you… like you’re fundamentally flawed, possibly unlovable or just plain UNLUCKY

But what if you could feel like this instead?

  • Feeling confident that your choices are right and bringing you closer to what you want
  • Knowing on the deepest level you matter and feeling amazing down to your tiny hairs
  • Setting intentions and knowing exactly what you're doing to help you manifest 
  • Having control over your habits and trusting your inner compass to guide you
  • Being honest with yourself and no longer running from the past or your own self
  • Spending time doing what  truly fulfills you, turns you on and attracts more love
  • Waking up each day fully present and happy to be alive and full of joy
This is what happens when you have the courage to face yourself head on, do the work, and reconnect to your creative power and Shakti.
You are alive and on fire. You exude joy and positivity.

And all those feelings and fears that used to hold you back have been transformed into POWER, STRENGTH & LOVE

I know, because this is how I have transformed my life. 
And I want to take you with me because I know what beauty lies on the other side...


Welcome to ShaktiBOMB Group Journey !

A container and program for DEEP Healing and TOTAL Transformation


ShaktiBOMB is a cutting edge program and I am recruiting the bravest, most powerful women to come on this journey with me so I can guide you back to your own power and help you heal yourself and the world. 
It's a spiritual training program that takes you DEEP into your subconscious to help you uncover and release the old trauma, memories and imprints that are secretly running your life and teaches you how to use your own creative potential to create the life you desire


 Together We're Going To:

  • Explore the inner domain and create powerful transformation inside and out
  • Clear out your past trauma, experiences, and "baggage"
  • Create space for new energies and the divine potential to flow
  • Elevate and activate your ability to use your creative potential
  • Develop a new connection to yourself and your soul that makes you powerful 
  • Reconnect you to your greatest gift YOUR BODY so you can feel and express your true self again

By giving you: 

🔥A new found understanding of the subconscious and trauma so that it no longer feels like your enemy or something you need to hide from, and more like a friend you enjoy hanging out with

🔥Awareness of the places where you're getting stuck and recreating painful energy patterns so you can make new, more empowering choices moving forward

🔥An entirely new relationship with your self that is kinder, more compassionate, understanding and loving

🔥A new system for creating and calling in the life you desire that you actually understand and can replicate over and over

ShaktiBOMB is for the courageous woman ready to dig deep and fly high


Don't miss out on this incredible journey and transform yourself starting NOW!










What's Included in the 8 Week Program?


8 LIVE classes held via Zoom every Tuesday evening starting Oct 29th for group transformation and learning {recorded for playback}

Energy Work

2 energetic group healing sessions that each work for 21 days to help support your healing & clearing for a total of 42 days!

1:1 Sessions

2 private 30 min 1:1 sessions throughout the program to help you with the "sticky" parts or the places where you need extra support


Worksheets and daily practices to help you take action on shifting negative language, mapping out your ideal life, and creating new neural pathways!

Direct Guidance

1:1 support via voxer, email and a private Facebook Group during set office hours


A close knit sisterhood and sacred circle of 12 women for support, witnessing and friendship

Creative Bonuses

PLUS bonuses to support creative expression like creating your own journal, playlists of music, fashion fun and more!

And this is the curriculum for each week:

Each class will meet on Tuesday evenings starting January 21st! We meet at 8pm EST on Zoom for 60-90 mins and will begin with a lesson & healing followed with an open forum for coaching and roundtable discussion.

🔥WEEK 1: Understanding the journey and preparing for success 

Every goddess knows that if you want to be successful and powerful, you've got to plan, prepare and be extremely intentional and clear with what you desire, or the results end up all over the map!

This is our time to gather and get laser sharp on what we want to get out of our time together so you don't get lost along the way!

Complete with daily accountability worksheets and centering exercises, this will give you the mindset and the tools you need to seriously transform over the next 8 weeks! 

🔥WEEK 2: Getting clear on your why and digging deeper into yourself

Intentionality and Clarity are everything and knowing where you trip yourself up is key to creating powerful change that lasts. 

By connecting IN with your heart center and your soul, this week is all about creating the ultimate divine connection and energy that will carry you THROUGH your journey and feed your desire to shift. 

Without a solid foundation it's easy to get off track, so we're going to make sure what you're building is STRONG and coming from both the inside and out, so it stands up to anything! 

🔥WEEK 3: Letting go; Exploring compassion and forgiveness

One of the biggest pain points for all of us is holding onto old wounds and emotions, but when we do that we stay where we are and we can't heal or grow. 

This week we dive into the power of forgiving others and ourselves for what might have happened in the past and create paths to healing, closure and resolution. 

It's easy to be confused when it comes to this concept, so we will be focusing on how to release the emotions while still maintaining our own power and boundaries in way that brings us peace without giving away our strength.

🔥WEEK 4: Becoming the heroine; Releasing victimhood and rising

That's right! We are goddesses here, and that means we are STRONG and RESILIENT.  This week we talk about how to go from victim to heroine, and reframe your past in ways that help you feel like the powerful being you are. 

It's not easy to get over trauma, but with the right information and insights, we will take your past wounds and flip them over so that you see how they make you strong and you will go from being stuck in victimhood to a whole new you that is way beyond your wildest dreams.

🔥WEEK 5: Finding true love; waking up to reality and truth

There is a difference between "dreams" and reality, and this week we dive into the differences between TRUE LOVE and love that is just an idea that keeps us safe. 

We'll explore when we have been in true love or when we've been in lust. And we will heal the past heartaches of when we had our hearts broken. 

True love is all about the kind of love that carries you through anything, and this week we will help you return to that and give you tools to stay connected to love in a whole new way.

When you run on Prema, you are unstoppable. 

🔥WEEK 6: Releasing the curse and receiving your gifts

Sometimes when we get hurt, we think we're cursed and we start to hate the things that make us who we are. And if you've had a challenging life, this could be something that has happened to you!

This week we talk all about how we often mistake our gifts for curses and how to see ourselves as beautiful gifts again. 

This is a great opportunity to retrace your steps and find those missing pieces or ideas that you picked up from others and swap them out for more positive beliefs and they all help you SHINE. 

🔥WEEK 7: The gift of now; Staying present always

Everyone knows that being PRESENT is essential to being a fully embodied goddess, but it's not easy to do when life gets rough. This week we dive into why staying in the NOW is powerful and explore ways to practice it every single day. 

By being present, our feminine energy and Shakti can flow freely and this is one of the most important weeks yet! It will transform your manifestation, your relationships and your bank account!

🔥WEEK 8: Welcome home to a New You! Let's Celebrate!

After 8 weeks of inner travel, we return to the start, only now EVERYTHING IS NEW.  The way you see yourself, the way you think, the way you act... is all refreshed and made over and you finally FEEL like the divine being you are. 

We'll talk about what's changed and ways to keep it up now that our weeks together are over. And we will CELEBRATE! Because woman, you deserve it! You might even get a little ceremony...

The Classes Begin on Tuesday October 29th and the final Class meets on Tuesday December 18th

There will be playback for those who miss the LIVE classes but in person attendance is suggested.


At the same time, you will have 2 one on one sessions to help you with your "tough spots" and those will include a blend of my best tools for clearing stuck energy and subconscious blocks like Neuro-linguistic Programming, Neuroplasticity & Guided meditation. 

You'll also have 2 GROUP ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS that work on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels and run for 42 days to help clear up that energetic "junk" and bring your emotions to the surface. 

And access to me via email, voxer and a private Facebook Community for guidance and support, as well as a sisterhood and sacred community and a membership site where you can access all your worksheets, meditations and creative bonuses! 

SIGN UP by JAN 15th and get these FAST ACTION BONUSES: 

Bonus #1:

A signed copy of Simply Woman; Stories from 30 Magnificent Women Who Have Risen Against the Odds!

Bonus #2:

Surprise gift box in the mail with some of my favorite ShaktiBOMB inspired goodies like flower essences, essential oils and more  {location dependent; if you're outside the US this will be virtual} .

Bonus #3:

A VIP invitation to the BIG BURN, my divine feminine rebirthing ceremony to herald in the New Year and a NEW YOU! 

Hey Beautiful, I’m Katie K and I'm the goddess of Sweet & Spicy; aka ShaktiBOMB!

I’ve taken my 8 years of energetic, developmental & spiritual training and combined it with 20 years as a performer and my  life experience to bring you this incredible fusion of tools and teachings that work to help reprogram your mind and energy~ And it works! 
How do I know? These are the same tools I used to overcome $85k in debt, create massive amounts of income doing what I love, heal from sexual trauma and abuse, and recover my self confidence, self esteem and self love.
For years I struggled to fit in. I doubted myself and had no idea who I really was. I was ashamed of my feelings and thought I must have done something wrong to be having them.
I thought that if I looked happy on the outside I could "act" my way into the life I wanted. But the secrets I had buried were ruining my life and I kept going in painful circles like a broken record. 
And when I was hit by a taxi in New York City at 29 it all came tumbling down... and I knew it was time to face the truth. 
I dove headfirst into my pain so that I could release it. And I learned about the brain and the subconscious and discovered what had been going on all these years.
And instead of going in circles trying manifest my way out of my own problems, I went DEEPER to develop a new power within that helped me transform them.
I finally learned that all the things I had felt ashamed of were actually the things that made me beautiful. And I HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE the life I desire when I connect in to this force. 

And now with the magic of ShaktiBOMB, I’ve cultivated a life like this...

I earn money doing the things I love, and people respect me for who I really am.  

I exercise and eat well because it feel at home in my body and my skin

I have a healthy relationship with myself and others and that negative self talk is gone!

I take action to reach my goals and I'm able to manifest & create on a new level

Life's more relaxed and easy because I'm able to understand myself and my patterns

And being myself no longer feels like work. It’s feels like a joyful experience that I’m privileged to have.

This doesn’t mean everything always goes my way, but I finally have the tools and the confidence to handle the challenges that come my way without wanting to shy away from being my truest self.  

ShaktiBOMB is unlike everything else out there and you will be amazed by how deep you are able to go while still having fun!




  • you're a smart, sexy lady and ready to go beyond the basics or “fast track your growth”

  • you feel stuck on repeat or like even though you do the work the same things keeps happening or nothings changing

  • you’re  tired of watching other people get what they want and feeling unlucky or unloved

  • you struggle with your emotions or feelings and sometimes wish you could be someone else
  • you're done making excuses and you're ready to take responsibility for yourself, your life and everything you're  creating

  • you're 100% ok with feeling uncomfortable and ready to do the work

  • you're curious and not afraid to ask questions and you're willing to play and have fun


  • You don't believe in energy - positive or negative
  • You aren't open to trying something new or you don't like to show up
  • You're resigned to living a miserable life and don't believe you can be happy
  • You like relying on others and don't want to take responsibility for yourself



How much time does this course require?

Like most things in life, the more time and effort you put into this work, the more you will get out of it. Each class is 60-90 mins depending on how long we take, our 1:1 sessions are a total of 60 mins and the rest is up to you! There will be homework assignments that take 20-30 mins once a week and the remainder of the time is your own personal exploration. 

You said it's a synthesis of your studies. Can you tell me more about what tools you're using?

Absolutely! I love taking systems and shaking them up and that is what I have done for you with ShaktiBOMB. I do that because we are multidimensional and complex beings, so that means we want to target things on multiple levels with various tools. So while I'll be running energy that helps clear you out emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, we will also be using tools like Neuroplasticity and Neurolinguistic Programming to help you work on your brain and the way you think. We'll also add in a level of creativity and imagination, because that is a HUGE part of the feminine. What you get is what I like to call WHOLE BEING HEALING and it will amaze you at all the ways you begin to change.  

What makes this different than other programs out there I've already tried?

Great question! Because I have done a lot of programs myself, I specifically designed this program to keep you as involved and engaged as possible! And I’ve kept the content simple and easy to digest too. A lot of programs just deliver you the information but they don't help you practice it with others and that's where it gets really powerful. You can't just read information and expect it to change your life-- you have to DO IT! And that's why I made this easy for you to do AND experience. Each week when we gather as a group I’ll make sure you’re getting the lessons so you can practice them on a daily basis.

What do I need to participate?

A computer, smartphone or tablet, a printer if you like to print things, a journal, and you!

How is this going to help me change my patterns and behaviors?

The first step in changing anything is awareness~ so through the questions, journaling and group calls I will help you not only become aware of what's getting in your way, but give you multiple ways to transform it from a block to a new powerful flow. Like anything in life, practice is the key~ so each week we will practice until the new mindsets and energies take over. By the end, you might even forget you had a "problem" to begin with! But the key is finding the root of where it starts, and that just happens to be my specialty!

I'm shy and don't like to do group work. Can I still get the benefit of the program without sharing publicly?

Yes! While I encourage you to show up as much as you can because presence is powerful, even if you don't want to share in the group or on the calls you can read along and listen and then communicate with me 1:1. I'd also suggest that maybe one of the things you can play with during the program is overcoming that fear of sharing because you might find you actually enjoy it. This entire program is about new possibilities and seeing things in a new light and I do everything I can to create a safe space for exploration.

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds if you change your mind. Because I want you to commit to yourself and the journey, once you choose to join me for ShaktiBOMB I can’t refund your money. This work is for the serious seeker who is ready to face herself head on, and I want you to be in it 100% from the start.

If for any reason after you have shown up for all 8 calls LIVE and have done the homework and you’re still not satisfied, I will give you a full refund as long as the request is made on or before Dec 19th. But as long as you show up and do the work, I guarantee you will feel the results!

I am dedicated to your total transformation and am here to help, so please take advantage of the calls and 1:1 support.


Got Questions?