Transformational Healing

To me, healing doesn’t have to be complicated or over-explained. Sometimes the most miraculous gifts come in the simplest packages and that is how I strive to serve you. 

Together we will work to help you reach the core of what is going on and find solutions and answers to bring you more peace, healing, love and forward momentum. 


I offer spiritual counseling and guidance, intuitive healing and personal empowerment for both men and women of all ages.  I do work with children, but through the parents so if you are seeking support for your child, we can absolutely create the path to healing for you both.

While I work without limitations, my work is best suited for those who have experienced trauma or abuse, are carrying dis-ease or physical pain and illness, and those who are on the path to awakening and need gentle guidance and support.

My clients have ranged from a woman dying of breast cancer to a middle aged woman batting chronic arthritis to a young woman addicted to drugs to a young man striving to find his voice, and in every occasion I assisted them in finding out whatever it is they needed to know to find their own peace and truth.

My job is not to heal anything, but to teach you how to be a healer yourself and to be the conduit for the divine love that IS you in its purest form while I remain a pure, clear channel for that truth to come through.

Where did I learn all this?

My training comes from a lifetime of personal experience having overcome my own trauma and pain and self-destructive patterns, as well over 10 years of in depth study with many masters of our time.  I received multiple initiations from master teacher Derek O’Neill and was a student of his for many years attending his workshops in Ireland and New York City and training in Rising Star, Mindfulness and Meditation, NLP, EFT, the Bhagavad Gita and the highest truths.  I also worked in depth with master teacher Brook Still and several others along the way.  My greatest gift is in taking what Im gives and what we know and innovating it to create new, positive outcomes and all I do is a compilation of my spiritual and energetic studies, as well as my years training as a performer and learning about the body and communication.
What you get is a deeply knowledgeable, well rounded, highly adaptive, crystal clear woman who listens, feels and moves along WITH YOU  to guide you to the place within you that are longing to be heard and helping you create peace within and without.

So how can you work with me? 

I offer a very special 2 part process that helps you go deep and create change that lasts.  

Much like running a virus can on a computer or a diagnostic of your car, our first session consists of an energy healing that works for 21 days as it runs through your system brining unconscious patterns, thoughts and memories to the surface and helps clear things that are getting in your way. 

The second session is a follow up session that happens via phone or Zoom video where we get to take a deeper look at what has risen to the surface and taking direct action to remove the "bugs" from your system. 

Through a combination of guided meditation, NeuroLinguistic Programming, EFT, and other gentle exploration we will help remove any residual blocks and create new energy in it's place. 

This can be done as a stand alone session or as a powerful series. To learn more or schedule your session click here:  


Tell me more!

Here's what some people have to say about working with me:

~These are true stories about people who's lives changed through our time together~

Sylvia's Story:

"I met Katie K just by accident…now I know the lesson would be nothing is an accident.  When we met in June 2015, I was always in pain and walking with a cane.  I felt older than my age and depressed that things would only get worse as time went on. For me, my future was bleak being on multiple pain medicines, getting injections in my joints or back when needed, and mostly being unable to do everyday errands.

After my second meeting, I decided to do a fifteen minute consultation with Katie just to see what she had to offer. Our conversation was so smooth, comfortable, and Katie K. made a lot of sense to me. I figured what do a have to lose?  I agreed that her Reiki/Rising Star was the way for me to go. My very first session was an awesome learning experience!  I felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders, I was walking straighter, feeling very little pain, and within two weeks I was walking without my cane –which I had been using daily for five years!

I am presently enjoying life again! I am able to go out with friends without any difficulty walking my pain has subsided 100%.  I never thought I would be living my life again, pain free and active.  All I can say is Katie K. is a bright light of personality and I am so blessed to have her in my life" ~ Sylvia 

Michael's Story:


"A friend had advised me try Katie's Soul Coaching and Rising Star during one of my darkest days. Like anyone else that is new to this, I was a bit skeptical about it until we spoke on the phone. One of the warmest people you can talk and open up to. She would check-in and help me feel comfortable; which displayed her genuine character. She actually cares about each person she works with.


After signing up and applying for the the Rising Star energy healing, it has given me the mental map needed to help me find the answers I wasn't able to visualize before. I found it hard to get out of the rut until after the first week when mentally, it began to show. Her programs are the lanterns needed to get out of the dark tunnels we occasionally get stuck in.


Today, my darkest days has now become one of my most inspirational stories thanks to Katie. Never feel ashamed of who you are and always be the best for yourself, not for someone else!" ~ Michael 

Looking for ways to work on your own? 

Check out my shop at Loving To Be Me and you'll find an array of tools you can purchase and do on your own!  

Tell me more!

"It has been my honor and pleasure to work with Katie and the Rising Star. Katie is pure heart and her work is profound. She exudes love and is a beacon of light in this world. She is wise and insightful and my experience with Katie’s work has been deep and meaningful beyond words. Katie is a teacher and a leader among light workers and always steps up to the plate to provide clarity and encouragement. I feel so fortunate to know her and her powerful work."

Lynn Louise Wonders
Wellness Coach & Therapist at

"Katie is a gifted soul and working with her was truly a transformational experience. She helped me heal a very specific wound that has been plaguing me for a good portion of my life. I’m so happy to be free of it, and so grateful for Katie’s loving kindness and gentle healing energy. I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Katie, so much love to you."

DT Sheridan
Director, Actor, Coach

"I met Katie through a business group. I was struggling with an issue that was deeply troubling. Katie offered her help and it was like standing in a ray of sunshine. She helped me see the issue from a place of love and light and I was able to let go of the pain and suffering. Katie Kozlowski is the real thing. Authentic. Kind. Loving. Light. Always bringing light to the dark places we sometimes dwell in."

Taryn Pyle
Creator of

"=Katie has the kind of raw, insightful honesty that gets to the heart of where you’re at in a way that’s real and inspiring. She shines love all over the place! Her care is genuine, and her open, vulnerable style gives you a safe space to explore your own vulnerabilities. She is knowledgable and extremely gifted as a teacher, encourager, and healer. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and beside her as we journey together."

Michelle Coe
Web Designer at & Yoga Teacher

"The moment I met Katie at a sisterhood potluck, I knew I needed to work with her and each time has changed my life. This woman is a powerhouse of healing energy that will shake up your life! She helped me to create a clarity and level of creative motivation in my life that I had never reached before. I cannot speak highly enough of the love, joy and power of forgiveness I have found in my own life thanks to Miss Katie K."

Andreya Suseata
Food & Beverage Professional

"Thank you SO much for sending your meditation audio Katie. I wish you could understand French, as it would be easier for me to explain what I felt while listening to the audio. Something very powerful happened, man let me tell you ….. still have tears. Let’s say it was magnificent and magical! Thank you for awakening this deep light within me"

Nancy Lussier
Kundalini Yoga Teacher

"Katie is someone who instantly makes you feel warmth just by being in her presence. Katie makes things simple to understand because she exudes authenticity and coherence. You get the knowing that you are talking to someone with lifetimes of experience who has the forte of transmitting things in plain language, friendship and true love! The spiritual journey can be a lonely path sometimes and then the universe connects you with a diamond!"

Angela Maya Campbell
Reiki expert at


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