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"Katie K is a bright light who adds so much sparkle to any experience. But, don’t let the shine fool you into thinking it’s all just fluff. Katie’s depth and wisdom is expansive. I’m so honored to collaborate and make deliciously powerful experiences together. Beyond creating for others, I simply love being with Katie. She’s like a joy bubble, floating, and spreading her magic dust wherever she goes!!! If you’re looking to brighten your experience of life, feeling lit up, Katie has both the energetic spirit and the practical tools to guide you in illuminating from within!"

Christina Salerno
Founder of Living Quirky

"You know that moment when you see someone in their element? Their passion ignites their whole body and they just radiate and it makes you feel warm and happy? When I work with Katie this is what I experience and witness. She loves what she is doing and it shows."

Roxy Arrojo
Actress & Teacher

"Katie is a rockstar who has proven that every woman can take the stage of their own lives! You’ll leave Katie with a smile so big, you’ll swear you just met the love of your life. And in a sense you did, because Katie’s platform for conscious creation allows you to see that YOU are the love of your life and YOU get to feel happiness now. Katie brings years of experience in both life, love and spiritual healing to a platform that empowers us all to leave the fear behind and start rocking the life we were born to live"

Sammy Davis
Founder of Sammy D TV

"Katie joined me as a featured guest in Episode 40 of my podcast and shared an incredible, powerful and authentic account of her journey, in an effort to inspire and empower others. I told Katie then, and still fully believe, that she has the cure for one of the great sicknesses of our time: teaching and encouraging self-love. We need people like Katie to continue to be the beacon of light and positive spirit that she is. "

Kevin Bulmer
Creator & Host of No Schedule Man

I'm Releasing my first book! 

That's right! March 8, 2018 Simply Woman...Stories From Magnificent Women Who Have Risen Above The Odds is going to released! I'll be featured along with 24 other amazing women and Crystal Andrus Morissette and sharing my own personal story of how a fateful accident with a taxi in New York broke me open and changed my life. 

Grab Your Copy NOW! 

Katie Kozlowski is an expert in authentic expression, creativity, healing & the feminine. 

After being hit full on by a taxi at 30 years old and walking away completely unharmed, Katie received her "wake up call" from God and dedicated the rest of her life to teaching others the value and importance of loving yourself as you are.

As a survivor of childhood trauma, alcoholism, sexual abuse, low self esteem, body image distortion and a family legacy of suicide, Katie focuses on lifting others out of the dark and returning them to the light.

She encourages the joys of living and loving life through a positive, nurturing lens and delivers a series of teachings, stories and tools which are the same she used to overcome her own story and accept herself exactly as she is.

Katie has been heard speaking at Activate & The Wellness Lounge and has been a featured guest on SERENEbook, WellB and Mission 360. She’s also been published in Elephant Journal, EmpowHer and ClassPass as an expert in mindfulness, the inner child and the power of play and self love as a vehicle for transformation and healing.

Katie spent 6 years training with master healer and renowned therapist Derek O’Neill and is a Rising Star practitioner and teacher, Reiki practitioner and holds certification in NLP, EFT and the Mum's List/ Mindfulness Legacy program.

She has helped hundreds of people overcome shame, pain, disease, fear, doubt and has witnessed many miracles as her clients have released cancer and chronic arthritis, overcome sexual assault, ended struggles with addiction and found true self love.

By utilizing her natural gifts, she infuses her work with play, laughter and joy and incorporates her 20 years an actress, voice over artist and singer to make healing, spirituality and transformation accessible to everyone.

Her collaborative book Simply Woman is due fo release March 8th, 2018 and followed by her own book later in the year,

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Areas of Expertise & Key Talking Points

Katie is one of the top experts in feminine energy, creation and play and the language of the heart.

She has been featured speaking on:

-->Overcoming trauma, shame, emotional and physical abuse and body issues 
-->Feminine wisdom  and reclaiming the power of innocence and purity 
-->The power of self love and how to use it to overcome victimhood 
-->Self realization and acceptance and how to transform your weaknesses into strengths 
-->Using creative expression and personal essence of the self to live a more empowered life

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Where have I been featured?

I've been featured on over 50 podcasts and live virtual summits and published in some of the top publications online including Elephant Journal, The Washington Post and Shining Mentor Magazine as an expert in feminine wellness, creative expression and spiritual healing. 

If you want to check read some of my work click here!

"It has been my honor and pleasure to work with Katie and the Rising Star. Katie is pure heart and her work is profound. She exudes love and is a beacon of light in this world. She is wise and insightful and my experience with Katie’s work has been deep and meaningful beyond words. Katie is a teacher and a leader among light workers and always steps up to the plate to provide clarity and encouragement. I feel so fortunate to know her and her powerful work."

Lynn Louise Wonders
Wellness Coach & Therapist at

"Katie is a gifted soul and working with her was truly a transformational experience. She helped me heal a very specific wound that has been plaguing me for a good portion of my life. I’m so happy to be free of it, and so grateful for Katie’s loving kindness and gentle healing energy. I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Katie, so much love to you."

DT Sheridan
Director, Actor, Coach

"I met Katie through a business group. I was struggling with an issue that was deeply troubling. Katie offered her help and it was like standing in a ray of sunshine. She helped me see the issue from a place of love and light and I was able to let go of the pain and suffering. Katie Kozlowski is the real thing. Authentic. Kind. Loving. Light. Always bringing light to the dark places we sometimes dwell in."

Taryn Pyle
Creator of

"=Katie has the kind of raw, insightful honesty that gets to the heart of where you’re at in a way that’s real and inspiring. She shines love all over the place! Her care is genuine, and her open, vulnerable style gives you a safe space to explore your own vulnerabilities. She is knowledgable and extremely gifted as a teacher, encourager, and healer. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and beside her as we journey together."

Michelle Coe
Web Designer at & Yoga Teacher

"The moment I met Katie at a sisterhood potluck, I knew I needed to work with her and each time has changed my life. This woman is a powerhouse of healing energy that will shake up your life! She helped me to create a clarity and level of creative motivation in my life that I had never reached before. I cannot speak highly enough of the love, joy and power of forgiveness I have found in my own life thanks to Miss Katie K."

Andreya Suseata
Food & Beverage Professional

"Thank you SO much for sending your meditation audio Katie. I wish you could understand French, as it would be easier for me to explain what I felt while listening to the audio. Something very powerful happened, man let me tell you ….. still have tears. Let’s say it was magnificent and magical! Thank you for awakening this deep light within me"

Nancy Lussier
Kundalini Yoga Teacher

"Katie is someone who instantly makes you feel warmth just by being in her presence. Katie makes things simple to understand because she exudes authenticity and coherence. You get the knowing that you are talking to someone with lifetimes of experience who has the forte of transmitting things in plain language, friendship and true love! The spiritual journey can be a lonely path sometimes and then the universe connects you with a diamond!"

Angela Maya Campbell
Reiki expert at

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