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Meet the woman behind the curtain...

My name is Katie Kozlowski and I'm a multidimensional woman with a focus on creative potential and emotional expression.

I started my career as an actress  and after a bumpy road, landed in the VO booth where I began developing my talents.

Then after being hit by a taxi {yes you read that right} I began to delve into personal development, healing and transformational tools. 

After spending YEARS feeling like I didn't fit in, struggling to accept myself and my body and dead end relationships and careers I was FINALLY able to get my S*&^ together and my life CHANGED for GOOD.

And here I am today--bringing all the best pieces of myself to the table and offering my gifts to YOU!

 I love to create and I believe in being multifaceted because WE ALL HAVE GIFTS and I want to see us celebrate them! 

For the past 20 years have dedicated my life to creating safe spaces for creativity to shine while being the BEST version of ourselves we can be.

I'm all about the BIG PICTURE, and I'm  super passionate about bringing the best parts ourselves into one beautiful WHOLE.

Why?  Because EVERYTHING we experience and go through is a piece of who we are and when we HONOR the story, we're raised up.

I strive to offer what I know in fun packages that pack a punch while helping you transform on DEEPER LEVELS and I use all my gifts to deliver! 

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Why me?  Because I honestly care about you, your process, your journey and your projects. 

I put the same amount of love and integrity into everything i touch and no matter what it is we’re working on, I’ll give you 100%.

I also understand the power of creative potential and can teach you how to use your own natural gifts to create whatever it is your looking for. 

Want the Nitty Gritty Details?

I have a vast array of trainings & experiences that I pull from in everything I do. Whether I'm in the booth, on stage or working 1:1 with a client, my background and studies come into play. 

  • BFA from Ithaca College in Musical Theatre 
  • Certified Reiki & Rising Star Practitioner
  • Certified Rising Star Teacher 
  • Certified NLP Practitioner 
  • Certified Mum's List Meditation Teacher
  • Studied with Master Teachers including Derek O'Neill & Brook Still

  • Resident Healer at Land Yoga in New York City 
  • Guest teacher & Coach at Mission 360
  • Guest teacher for MLL & SQ on speaking & Messaging 
  • Appeared at Wellness Lounge in NYC 
  • Teacher's Assistant at Ithaca College for Voice & Movement

  • Professional Actress & Singer for 30 years 
  • Professional Voicer Over Artist for 10 years
  • Member of AEA & SAG-AFTRA

Let's Have Some Fun!

Here's 12 things about me you might enjoy knowing! {Or maybe it's TMI....}


When I was about 2 years old I pulled a desk and TV down on myself and cut my middle finger off on my left hand and I have what is known as "short finger"


I used to build shrines with all my favorite things as a kid: The Little Mermaid, Les Miserable and North & South {Yes I was a strange one}


When I was in 2nd grade I saved up my money and bought a poster of Patrick Swayze which I hid under my bed! She's like the wind baby!


I was OBSESSED with Bette Midler growing up and wanted to be her. And then in my teens and people started to actually say I was like her I became pissed because I decided I wanted to be a princess instead.


My sister once told me I was Michael Meyers and she was going to burn my nose off AND I BELIEVED HER.


My favorite Disney movie is The Sword In The Stone because of Merlin & Archimedes the Owl... so I named my dog after him! Meet Archimedes!


My first idea for my book was based on how "F'd Up" I was and so I named myself Sick Bitch! and did a whole photo shoot that later got ruined by my dog because he broke the thumb drive!


I sang all throughout my childhood and school years and was ranked the #1 Soprano in CT my junior year of high school! The next year I psyched myself out and didn't even get IN!


When I was in high school they nicknamed me Helium Hands because I talked with my hands A LOT... AND I still do! 


I got into voice overs because my ex boyfriend loved all the funny voices I did.  I kept the career... lost the boyfriend! Don't worry, we're still friends...


From when I was 21- 31 years old I supported myself as a spokesmodel and Scotch Ambassador. It was the job I had when I got hit by the taxi!


I have struggled my whole life to understand myself because I'm so many things at once. I actually believed that made me wrong... until today!

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