The Right to be Brilliant Workshop

This 60 minute workshop is designed to help you unblock yourself from your own success. And teach how you to fully embody your own magic and brilliance.

It includes an energetic transmission and practice that teaches you how to fully embody your brilliance and shine your light.

And it's here to help you create a major breakthrough and up level your life!

This workshop is perfect for you if you want to make a bigger impact in this world but your fear of being visible holds you back.

And it's guaranteed to help you take a stand and love all of yourself today.

It includes:

  • 1 video training
  • 1 audio version
  • 1 transcript 

Workshop Participant love:

I love how simple you make this! And how easy you break it down. It's like everyone can do this and that is the best feeling ever!!

Amy G

$75.00 USD

I understand this is a creative workshop and that it does not take the place of medical advice. I also acknowledge that there are no refunds.