Love Magnet Challenge

The Love Magnet 21 day Challenge is a DIY Drip Course with emails and daily exercises

It is designed to teach you how to become more open to calling in the love you desire.

And it also helps you see how you might be keeping love away.

With simple prompts and exploration you will slowly unravel what's stopping you so you can open up to the love you desire more every day.

It includes:

  • 21 Days of short videos and email exercises 
  • 3 Pre-recorded Trainings around how this method works & how to apply it
  • 2 pre-recorded Q&A Group Coaching Calls for guidance around sticky spots
  • My daily practice for stronger energetic connection, embodiment and love

What People Are Saying:

Katie provided the missing piece that I couldn't see. Even though I'm adept at shifting my internal programs, I just couldn't get a handle on this particular situation. Her pin-pointed shaktiBomb energy lasered in on what was holding me back. She showed me how to dissolve the resistance and create something new. Her insights gave me the key to make the necessary internal changes to shift my external reality. And after her session I booked the biggest client to date!

Dr. Cynthia Miller

$250.00 USD

I understand this is a creative practice and that it does not take the place of medical advice. I also acknowledge that there are no refunds.