21 Days of In{her} Self Study Program

This gentle 21 day self study offers you 21 days of drip emails and simple exercises that support you in reconnecting with your truth and your core.

It offers a basic framework for connecting inward on a daily basis.

After the 21 days you will experience increased love, confidence, self trust, inner peace and joy.

It includes:

  • 21 daily dripped emails
  • 1 daily action grid
  • 2 simple meditations
  • 2 training videos

Student love:

I loved this program so much! I read the emails every day, listened to the meditations and my whole life changed!! It was like it just seeped into my brain and the way I felt evolved on it's own. I love the light meditations so much!

Thomas D

$250.00 USD

I understand this is a creative practice and that it does not take the place of medical advice. I also acknowledge t that there are no refunds.