Well of Love Meditation

Everything you're looking for is hidden in your own heart. And this simple meditation will support you in opening back up so you can connect with the love you desire and begin to call it from the inside out.

This meditation is perfect if you're in the process of healing from a break up, loss, heartache or grief. And it is both restorative and creative in its nature.

When you use this meditation you'll be able to tap into the deep well that is hidden with you. And you'll learn how to fill it up with the love you seek which helps you attract it into your life on a daily basis.

Every time you go through it it will expand your reach more and it's the perfect practice to help you call in that love, abundance and joy that you seek.

What's included:

  • 1 audio meditation

Please note: This is to be used in a quiet, safe space only. It is not to be used while driving, or operating any machinery.

Client love:

Katie has such a beautiful soothing voice and she always helps me feel calm, centered and at ease. This meditation is my favorite because of how warm and cozy it is! It's like a big giant hug around my heart.

Cheryl B

$30.00 USD

I understand this is a creative practice and that it does not take the place of medical advice. I also accept that there are no refunds.