One on One Transformational Support

To me, healing doesn’t have to be complicated or over-explained. Sometimes the most miraculous gifts come in the simplest packages and that is how I strive to serve you. 

I offer spiritual training and guidance, intuitive healing, brain and behavioral soulutions and personal empowerment for both men and women of all ages. 

Through my signature ShaktiBOMB method, together we will work to help you reach the core of what is going on and find solutions and answers to bring you more peace, healing, love and forward momentum. 

If you choose to work with me, we will meet IN PERSON in my office in Wilton, CT or Remotely via Zoom video conferencing or the telephone.

Because my work is entirely based on YOU, the best way to begin is to schedule a FREE Subconscious Energy Scan   so we can identify the what's causing you pain and create the best steps for you to resolve it.



My offers range from a One time Deep Dive Intensive to a year long mentorship training from $250 ~ $9600.

And I build custom, comprehensive healing and transformational programs that work on multiple levels to heal the body, mind and soul.

While I'm an expert in trauma and recovery, breaking patterns of abuse, addiction, self-harm, healing illness and injury and more, my talents are fused with the gift of light and joy.  And I do my best to bring healing in the simplest forms possible.

My clients have ranged from a woman with breast cancer to a middle aged woman batting chronic arthritis to a young woman addicted to drugs to a young man striving to find his voice, and in every occasion I assisted them in finding out whatever it is they needed to know to find their own peace and truth.

My job is not to heal anything, but to teach you how to be a healer yourself and to be the conduit for the divine love that IS you in its purest form while I remain a pure, clear channel for that truth to come through.



My training comes from a lifetime of personal experience having overcome my own trauma and pain and self-destructive patterns, as well over 10 years of in depth study with many masters of our time.  I received multiple initiations from master teacher Derek O’Neill and was a student of his for many years attending his workshops in Ireland and New York City. And I have certifications in Neuroplasticity Brain, Heart & Gut Soulutions, Rising Star, Mindfulness and Meditation, NLP, EFT, the Bhagavad Gita and the highest truths.  I also worked in depth with master teacher Brook Still and several others along the way.  My greatest gift is in taking what Im given and what we know and innovating it to create new, positive outcomes and my signature ShaktiBOMB method  is a compilation of my spiritual and energetic studies, as well as my years training as a performer and learning about the body and communication.
What you get is a deeply knowledgeable, well rounded, highly adaptive, crystal clear woman who listens, feels and moves along WITH YOU  to guide you to the place within you that are longing to be heard and helping you create peace within and without.

Schedule your Free Subconscious Energy Scan!

Have you read about my 8 week Total Transformation Program ShaktiBOMB?

4 times a year I run my signature program ShaktiBOMB where I take 12 incredible women on a deep dive transformational journey! You get 8 weeks of classes plus 1:1 sessions and more! Check it out here to learn more!


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