Voice Over Artist & Performer

I use my voice and artistry onstage and in the booth to help deliver messages and inspire!

~Here are some of my favorite spots, projects & demos~ 



I've been a master storyteller and talker my entire life... and after some prodding from my ex boyfriend, I was convinced to pursue  Voice Over because I did so many "funny voices."

I took some classes in NYC and produced my Demo. And after only 1 panic attack and a few clunky auditions I got my 1st gig! Now 10 years later I've worked with some of the most incredible clients and directors and recorded from everything from pharmaceutical long form projects to animated cartoons and toys and can be heard on TV & the radio.

My VO Specialties Are:

** warm hearted mothers, girls next door, bubbly, bright and friendly

**Animation, toys, whimsical vibes and playful pieces

**heartfelt, emotional pieces that give you the "feels"

**clinical and medical products and projects 

No matter what the project, I offer my heart and full attention and will work with to create a project that sings and makes an impact. 



I have a Neuman TLM 102, AT202, Shure MV88 &Scarlet 2i2 Preamp

SourceConnect, Skype & Zoom for recording 




Yes I do offer coaching and consulting for demos and new VO talent. Wanna talk about it?  Ask me!

Want to know how I can help you? Contact me! 

Ive worked with Nickelodeon, Fisher Price, Hasbro, Lunesta, McDonald's, Samsung, Glad, Avon, Nationwide to name a few, and I was even the voice of Mrs. Rabbit on Peter Rabbit!

What about my stage time?

I'll be totally honest, I don't spend as much time on the stage playing as I used to... BUT that doesn't mean this Old Gal is done.  I'm a member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA and when the right projects come up, I'm IN! 

If you're curious about my "herstory" as an actress I've worked regionally across the country at some top theaters like Utah Shakespearean Festival and Gateway Playhouse. I've been on TV {mostly as a nurse on soaps} and I got my BFA in Musical Theatre from Ithaca College. 

Wanna check out my resume? Click HERE! 

Wanna Check Out My Resume? Click ME!


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