Katie Kozlowski is a master energy coach & spiritual teacher who helps women reconnect with themselves and spirit to embody strength, wisdom and success. 

After beginning her career as an actress and singer her life  took a turn when she was hit by a taxi and changed direction towards healing, spirituality and ancient wisdom and is now known as a true embodiment of the feminine spirit.

As a survivor of childhood trauma, alcoholism, sexual abuse, low self esteem, body image distortion and a family legacy of suicide, Katie focuses on lifting others out of the dark and returning them to the light.

She encourages the joys of living and loving life through a positive, nurturing lens and delivers a series of teachings, stories and tools which are the same she used to overcome her own story and accept herself exactly as she is.

Katie has been heard speaking at Activate & The Wellness Lounge and has been a featured guest on SERENEbook, WellB and Mission 360. She’s also been published in Elephant Journal, EmpowHer and ClassPass as an expert in mindfulness, the inner child and the power of play and self love as a vehicle for transformation and healing.

Katie spent 6 years training with master healer and renowned therapist Derek O’Neill and is a Rising Star practitioner and teacher, Reiki practitioner and holds certification in NLP, EFT and the Mum's List/ Mindfulness Legacy program.

She has helped hundreds of people overcome shame, pain, disease, fear, doubt and has witnessed many miracles as her clients have released cancer and chronic arthritis, overcome sexual assault, ended struggles with addiction and found true self love.

By utilizing her natural gifts, she infuses her work with play, laughter and joy and incorporates her 20 years an actress, voice over artist and singer to make healing, spirituality and transformation accessible to everyone.

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Where have I been featured?

I've been featured on over 50 podcasts and live virtual summits and published in some of the top publications online including Elephant Journal, The Washington Post and Shining Mentor Magazine as an expert in feminine wellness, creative expression and spiritual healing. 

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Areas of Expertise & Key Talking Points

Katie is one of the top experts in feminine energy, creation and play and the language of the heart.

She has been featured speaking on:

-->Overcoming trauma, shame, emotional and physical abuse and body issues 
-->Feminine wisdom  and reclaiming the power of innocence and purity 
-->The power of self love and how to use it to overcome victimhood 
-->Self realization and acceptance and how to transform your weaknesses into strengths 
-->Using creative expression and personal essence of the self to live a more empowered life


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