Do you wish there was a simple, yet effective way to create a practice that could help you stay in your flow and on target?


And take your manifesting skills to the next level.

Not too long ago I was exactly where you are debt and working a toxic job with a terrible love life... and I knew there was a better way.

No matter how hard I tried things weren't getting any better and I thought my manifestation skills were broken!

But then thanks to a powerful lesson I was able to create change FAST.

And with this one tool I'm sharing with you, I was able to go from $85k in debt to $125k in income in just 2 years.
And it’s also how I created a business and life I love all from my sweet little dream cottage on the water.
Now if this sounds too good to be true and another “get rich in X days formula” trust me, I totally hear you.

But I promise you this grid is different! And if you try it you WILL see results!
Because it not only helps you get clear and focus your energy on what you want to create every day…
It ALSO helps you spot all the sneaky patterns and thoughts that cause you to SABOTAGE YOUR SUCCESS so you can stop it!
Plus it also trains you to work with your energy in a way that helps you hold the vibration you want in an embodied way which is the missing step so many leave out.

And that makes it a super powerful tool and totally worth trying!!
All you have to do is fill it out every morning and night and it WILL start to work.

If you're tired of all the BS and ready to create a daily practice that works download my daily grid today!


Have we met?

Have we met yet? My name is Katie Kozlowski and I'm a spiritual trainer, energy coach and transformational powerhouse. And I am here to help you create change in the face of fear.

Not that long ago, I was exactly where you are now and with the power of my transformational method ShatkiBOMB™ combined with ancient wisdom, I can help you take even the scariest and most challenging moments and turn them into lessons of growth, healing and yes even gold!

If you're tired of spinning your wheels and you're ready to really dig in and create change then let's talk! Because together I know we can create magical changes and you will never be the same.

Got questions or want to know how I can help you? Contact me today!


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